Here’s the interview that a few months ago we had with Paco Ruiz, the author of the excellent and controversial spots of the Festival over the last ten years.

All of his works are small pieces of art that perfectly reflect the essence of the leitmotiv of the Festival, showing it through images with a result that goes far beyond the concept of simple adverts. You can enjoy all of his Festival spots at our Youtube Channel.

«I feel the urge to express in images, create atmospheres and sensations through different realities»

Paco Ruiz, who was born in Murcia in 1983, holds a degree in photography from the ESCAC (Escola Superior de Cinema i Audiovisuals de Catalunya – Catalan School of Cinema and Audiovisual Science) and is currently finishing the production of the sort film Insidia (Insidiousness), a genre short film that will be premiered in the summer. The film has influences from films like The Witch and The Revenant.

We will premiere the 2017 edition spot very soon. Once again, Paco Ruíz will surprise us with his work. Definitely all of us must keep an eye on this film director. You’ve been warned.

Interview with Paco Ruiz, 10 years of spots

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