After being screened at our Molins de Rei Horror Film Festival, the Muestra Syfy Fantastic Film Festival and Sitges, film distributors La Aventura have issued Lake Bodom to make it available for purchasing in retail shops..

This unusual Finnish slasher is based on real events that took place in that country and tells the horrific story of two boys and two girls who decided to spend the night at the Lake Bodom, where some unsolved murders had taken place a long time ago. Be as it may, we all know that visiting the scene of a murder is never a good idea.

Regardless of its condition and quality as a real horror film, Lake Bodom deserves being watched. An opportunity must be given to director Taneli Mustonen who masters to follow the classic rules of slashers and creates a really personal film. If you were not able to watch it at our festival, now you can watch it at home. Definitely, this is an opportunity that you cannot miss!

You can purchase it online at the website of FNAC.

Lake Bodom ya disponible gracias a La Aventura

Original title: Bodom
Year: 2016
Length: 90 min.
Country: Finlandia
Director: Taneli Mustonen
Scrip: Aleksi Hyvärinen, Taneli Mustonen
Music: Panu Aaltio
Cinematography: Daniel Lindholm
Cast: Mimosa Willamo, Nelly Hirst-Gee, Mikael Gabriel, Santeri Helinheimo, Mäntylä, Ikka Heiskanen, Sami Eerola, Pirjo Moilanen
Production Co.: Münchhausen Productions, Don Films

Lake Bodom available now thanks to La Aventura

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