Next Friday June 9th, our partnership Movistar+ are premiering the film Eat Local, an unpublished film in Spain which will delight those who love horror films put in a marinade with a good amount of action and which pay tribute to B-movies.

It is Jason Flemyng’s first work, a well known British actor who we can see in films like Lock & Stock, Snatch, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen or X-Men: First Generation. The screenplay is signed by Danny King and the cast includes names like Billy Cook, Eve Myles (Victoria), Freema Agyeman (Doctor Who) o Charlie Cox (Daredevil) among others.

Eat Local will be screed 6 times in several channels of the platform, check more information on this link

In a lonely house in the English countryside, for the first time in the last 50 years, all the vampires of the country are celebrating a meeting. Sebastian arrives at the same place with an attractive woman with whom he is planning an unforgettable passionate evening. The innocent young man will soon realize that the promising evening will be ruined when his partner decides to introduce him to a group of friends.

Sebastian considers that Vanessa’s friends have a weird behaviour and he is not wrong. As soon as he meets them, they show up as a group of hungry vampires with an unquenchable blood thirst.

Since then, the young man will start to struggle for survival inside the house.






eat local

Movistar+ releases Eat Local

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