We are glad to inform that, this year, our Molins de Rei Horror Film Festival will be part of the jury at the “The Marcs” Short Film Festival in the Sant Marc de Sarrià School. The festival will be held next June 21st and the idea arose three years ago and has not stopped growing up ever since. The jury members come from Fotogramas, ESCAC or Filmoteca de Catalunya and in the current edition CINEMES Full Splau is going to sponsor and collaborate with the offering of one of their cinema theatres where the award event will be carried out.

The Marcs” started out as a school project aimed at improving the audiovisual skills of their secondary school students and paid attention to abilities that are very often left apart such as creativity, artistry for developing a particular idea as well as team work.

The short films follow a creative process the closest to real cinematographic productions, with the essential stages of screenplay writing, production, direction and editing. This way, young students start their adventure of making their own short films for the school festival by getting involved in the world of cinema.

The best short films are awarded paying attention to different aspects such as Best Short Film, Best Director, Best Make-up or Soundtrack.The students have an extra motivation when, after a year of devotion, they get the acknoledgement that award nominations represent.

Here is a link with the nominated short films and some details about the festival: https://www.santmarc.com/the-marcs/edicio-2017.


The Marcs 2017 Official Poster

TerrorMolins será jurado del Festival THE MARCS 2017


The Marcs 2017 Nominees

TerrorMolins será jurado del Festival THE MARCS 2017


The Marcs Short Films Official Selection 2017

In the 2017 edition of The Marks the jury will be integrated by Arturo Méndiz (Bastian Films), Elena Ruvireta (Fotogramas), Noemí Sas (Filmoteca), Daniel Agudo (ESCAC), Alba Espot (Generalitat de Catalunya), Edu Olavide (SMILE), Sergi Matamala (Sala Flyhard), Isaac González (K-tuin) and, Jordi Freixedas and Xavier Mogrovejo in representation of the Molins de Rei Horror Film Festival.

MolinsHorror to be part of the jury at “The Marcs” Short Film Festival

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