Behind short film, by Ángel Gómez and winner of the Best Short Film Audience Award of our MolinsHorror 2016 Festival, has won the Circular Saw Award at Badalona’s Cryptshow Festival “for being the most solid horror proposal”. It has also won the Best actress award for Macarena Gómez for “the intensity and viscerality of her performance”.

Director: Ángel Gómez Hernández
Country: Spain
Screenplay: Ángel Gómez Hernández
Photography: Pablo Rosso
Producer: Arantxa Domingo, Pedro de la Escalera
FX: Antonio Naranjo
Make Up: Victor Javier Bernardos
Music: Oscar Araujo
Cast: Macarena Gómez, Lone Fleming, Ruth Díaz, Javier Botet.

Synopsis: Arianne, who is obsessed with the idea that her baby might end in her former husband’s hands, meets a mysterious old woman who tells her that she can see a horrific man behind her.

Behind guanya el Premi Serra Circular del Cryptshow 2017

The official jury of Cryptshow Festival 2017, Eva Ayats, Domingo López, Ramon Mas, Dani Seguí and Mònica Van Campen, decided that the winners were:

-Circular Saw Award: Behind by Ángel Gómez

-Audience Award: The legend of the Crabe-Phare by Gaetan Borde

-Best Animation: Garden Party by Florian Babiikian

-Best director: Felix Knoche for Hilde

-Best Script: Einstein-Rosen by Olga Osorio

-Best Actor: Calu Flygare for The Sunken Convent

-Best Atress: Macarena Gómez for Behind

-Best Soundtrack: Ariel Santiago for Cuerno de Hueso

-Best Special Effects: Hilde by Felix Knoche

-Best VIsual Effectss: Nicole’s Cage by Josef Brandl

-Best Cinematography: Juli Carné for Waste

-Special Mention: Bruce Gallagan by Pau Perramón

Behind wins the Circular Saw Award at Cryptshow Festival 2017

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