We want to officially introduce the MolinsHorror 2017 spot, directed by filmmaker Paco Ruíz.

One more year, and since 2005, the director Paco Ruiz is responsible for this little wonder that is the Molins Horror Film Festival 2017 spot. It is part of this year Festival’s leitmotiv, which is “Haneke or the edge of horror“, and it focuses specifically on the famous film Funny Games of the Austrian director.

The spot is stars Russian actor Daniel Horvath, who has worked in television (Aída – Telecinco, La riera – TV3, Buscando el norte – Antena 3) and cinema, with a leading role in the films “Washakie y el chico de las manos mojadas” (Eric Monteagudo, Orió Peñalver, 2015), “Encounter with a Mirror” (Germán de Diego, 2015) and the new “Framed” (Marc Martínez).

Spot TerrorMolins 2017

As the spot says, without you there are no funny games, o we are looking forward to see everybody at the MolinsHorror 2017, to be held next November 10th-19th focusing in all aspects of horror. What’s more, we want to acknowledge the great work that Paco Ruíz has carried out as well as his enthusiasm and commitment with MolinsHorror.

Making the spots for the Molins de Rei Horror Film Festival is always a challenge. Especially this year that we are paying tribute to the legendary Haneke.

The question I was asking myself was: What happens if a murderer decides to wait for his victims when he realises that they are not at home?

This was my starting point. I wanted to express the idea that without victims there is no fun, and that without an audience, the TerrorMolins won’t be fun either.

Everything seen from a restrained, pure and realistic point of view as a connection with Haneke’s cinema. The direct tribute in the last take makes reference to the game of the audience becoming an accomplice. Or the audience as victims and the Festival as the criminal.
We are waiting for you!

Paco Ruiz

Paco Ruiz, spot TerrorMolins 2017

Paco Ruíz was born in Murcia in 1983, he holds a degree in photography direction from ESCAC (Escola Superior de Cinema i Audiovisuals de Catalunya), he has been a film maker, film editor, screenplay writer and photgoraphy director. He has made all of our spots since 2005 as well as directing the documentary “30 years of Festival of Molins de Rei“. Lately, in an event at Cinesa Diagonal in Barcelona, he premiered his genre short-film Insidia, produced by ESCAC Films and starred by actors Albert Baró and Pau Poch.

Do not forget that in the 2017 edition we will have a second home base, we will have the Networking back, we will introduce the Molins Horror Juegos associated to the Festival, and we are having loads of new surprises which, as usual, will be great. Moreover, we’ll be having our legendary performances during the 12 Hours of Horror. So, we’ll be looking forward to seeing you because “Without you, there are no Funny Games“.

Spot TerrorMolins 2017

Last but not least, you can enjoy yourselves watching all previous Festival editions spots.

Long life to horror!

Spot MolinsHorror 2017

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