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Original title: Habit @Habit_Film @habit_movie Habitfilm
Year: 2017
Country: United Kingdom
Running time: 90 min.
Director: Simeon Halligan @SimeonH @simeonhalligan simeon.halligan Simeon Halligan IMDB
Screenwriters: Simeon Halligan (screenwriter), Stephen McGeagh @sjmcgeagh Stephen McGeagh IMDB (original novel)
Music: Claude Foisy Claude Foisy web @claudefoisy2 claudefoisycomposer claude@claudefoisy.com Claude Foisy IMDB
Cinematography: James Swift James Swift web @jamesswiftdp JAMESSWIFT1000@HOTMAIL.COM James Swift IMDB
Editing: Chris Gill chris.gill.16718 Chris Gill IMDB
Costumes: Lance Milligan Lance Milligan IMDB
Makeup: Abi Lilley Abi Lilley web @abi_lilley abidulciemakeup Abi Lilley IMDB, Helen Masters HelenMastersMakeUpHairStyling Helen Masters IMDB, Melanie Lenihan Melanie Lenihan web @MelanieLenihan @melanielenihan melanie.lenihan.7 Melanie Lenihan IMDB
Special Effects: Scott McIntyre Scott McIntyre IMDB
Production design: John Ellis John Ellis IMDB
Production: Karl Hall Karl Hall IMDB, Nick Leese Nick Leese IMDB, Sarada McDermott Sarada McDermott IMDB, Rachel Richardson-Jones rachel@notanumber.co.uk @rachelrj13 Rachel Richardson-Jones IMDB
Production Co.: Not a Number Not a Number web info@notanumber.co.uk, Tin Hat Productions Tin Hat Productions web @tinhatpro @tinhatproductions Tin-Hat-Productions producer@tinhatproductions.com Tin Hat Productions IMDB
Cast: Jessica Barden, William Ash, Roxanne Pallett @roxannepallett @roxannepallettofficial, Elliot James, Louis Emerick @thelouisemerick, Mark Sheals @marksheals, Sally Carman, Joanne Mitchell, Andrew Ellis, Robert Beck, Natalie Ferrigno @natalieferrigno, Emmanuel Ighodaro, Garth Maunders @garthmaunders, Sally Bankes @officialsbankes, Nina Johnston Nina Johnston web @NINANERO1

Synopsis: Michael works in a neon drenched suburbial area of Manchester, in a night club where every night he lives an atmosphere of drug, prostitution, illegal betting and even murder. This filthy world becomes attractive to him and he develops a new personality. Especially when he finds out what hides in room number 9.

Habit, de Simeon Halligan

Habit, by Simeon Halligan

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