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Original title: Jackals Jackals web @JackalsMovie @jackalsmovie JackalsMovie
Year: 2016
Country: Unites States
Director: Kevin Greutert @pretzelcuatl Kevin Greutert wikipedia Kevin Greutert IMDB
Screenwriter: Jared Rivet @jaredrivet1 @scribejr jared.rivet Jared Rivet IMDB
Music: Anton Sanko Anton Sanko web Anton Sanko wikipedia Anton Sanko IMDB
Editing: Kevin Greutert, John Coniglio John Coniglio IMDB
Cinematography: Andrew Russo Andrew Russo web andrusso50@gmail.com
Costumes: Kris Deskins KrisDeskins Kris Deskins IMDB
Special Effects: Matt Hall Matt Hall IMDB
Visual Effects: May Satsuki Asai May Satsuki Asai IMDB, Grant Inouye Grant Inouye web @g_rant_rants @g_rant_rants rantinouye@gmail.com Grant Inouye IMDB
Production: Pamela Monroe, J.E. Moore, Tommy Alastra @Talastra @talastra tommy.alastra Tommy Alastra IMDB
Production design: Celine Diano Celine Diano web dialine77@gmail.com Celine Diano IMDB
Production Co.: Tommy Alastra Productions Tommy Alastra Productions web
Cast: Deborah Kara Unger, Stephen Dorff, Johnathon Schaech @JohnSchaech @johnschaech johnathon.schaech/, Nick Roux @TheRealNickRoux @nickrouxdidit NickRoux1, Alyssa Julya Smith @IamAlyssaSmith @alyssajulyasmith AlyssaJulyaSmith, Chelsea Ricketts @ChelseaRicketts @chelsea_ricketts, Ben Sullivan @benpsully, Jason Scott Jenkins @JasonScottJenks @jasonscottjenkins Jason-Scott-Jenkins, Cassie Hernandez @casshernandez_ @cassiehernandez_ CassieHernandezOnline, Alex Kingi, Alex Castillo, Carol Abney

Synopsis: Set in the 80’s, a strange family hires a brain-wash expert in order to re-educate their teenager son from a sect. When they get him out of there, sect members lay siege to their home to get the boy back.

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Jackals, by Kevin Greutert

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