Hounds of love, by Ben Young

Best Actress Award Molins Film Festival 2017 for Emma Booth
Best Script Award Molins Film Festival 2017
Audience Best Film Award Molins Film Festival 2017

 Hounds of Love
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Original title: Hounds of Love Hounds of Love web @houndsoflovefilm houndsoflovemovie Hounds of Love wikipedia
Year: 2016
Running time: 108 min.
Country: Australia
Director: Ben Young @benjyoung Benjyoung1 Ben Young IMDB
Screenwriter: Ben Young
Music: Dan Luscombe @danielluscombe @danluscombeguy Dan Luscombe IMDB
Cinematography: Michael McDermot Michael McDermot IMDB
Editing: Merlin Eden Merlin Eden IMDB
Costumes: Terri Lamera Terri Lamera IMDB
Makeup: Kate Anderson Kate Anderson IMDB, Hayley Atherton Hayley Atherton IMDB
Visual Effects: Tony Bannan Tony Bannan IMDB, Matthew James Kerley Matthew James Kerley IMDB, Jaemie Manners Jaemie Manners IMDB
Production: Melissa Kelly Melissa Kelly IMDB
Production design: Clayton Jauncey Clayton Jauncey IMDB
Production Co.: Factor 30 Films Factor 30 Films web
Distribution: Gunpowder & Sky Gunpowder & Sky web @GunpowderSky @gunpowder_sky gunpowdersky Gunpowder & Sky IMDB, UFO Distribution UFO Distribution web @UFODISTRIBUTION @ufo_distribution Ufo-Distribution UFO Distribution IMDB, ABMO Films ABMO Films web @abmofilms @abmofilms abmofilms ABMO Films IMDB, Label Distribution Label Distribution web @labeldist @labeldistribution labeldistribution Label Distribution IMDB
Cast: Emma Booth @emmalovesluna, Ashleigh Cummings @ashleighlillian Ashleigh-Cummings, Stephen Curry, Susie Porter @susie_q_p, Damian de Montemas @com/de_mont70 @damiandemontemas, Harrison Gilbertson @HarrisonGilber @harrison.gilbertson/, Fletcher Humphrys, Steve Turner, Holly Jones, Michael Muntz, Marko Jovanovic, Liam Graham, Lisa Bennet, Eileen Colocott, Kingsley Judd

Synopsis: In 1987 Perth, Austraila, Vicky Maloney has been kidnapped in the street by a crazy couple, John and Evelyn White. Soon, their behaviour will show that she will have to spark a conflict among the couple if she wants to survive.

Hounds of love, by Ben Young

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