Tragedy Girls, by Tyler MacIntyre

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 Tragedy Girls
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Original title: Tragedy Girls @TragedyGirls
Year: 2017
Country: Unites States
Running time: 90 min.
Director: Tyler MacIntyre @tmacfilm
Screenwriters: Tyler MacIntyre, Chris Lee Hill @ChrisLeeHill, Justin Olson
Music: Russ Howard III
Cinematography: Pawel Pogorzelski
Production: Armen Aghaeian, Anthony Holt, Edward Mokhtarian, Craig Robinson, Cameron Van Hoy, Tara Ansley @Tarainreellife
Production Co.: It’s The Comeback Kids / New Artist Pictures / Ardor Pictures
Distribution: Gunpowder & Sky Gunpowder & Sky web @GunpowderSky @gunpowder_sky gunpowdersky Gunpowder & Sky IMDB
Cast: Alexandra Shipp @AlexShipppp, Brianna Hildebrand @briannahilde, Josh Hutcherson @jhutch1992, Craig Robinson @MrCraigRobinson, Kevin Durand @Kevin_Durand, Jack Quaid @JackQuaid92, Kerry Rhodes @Kerry25Rhodes, Nicky Whelan @NickyWhelan, Savannah Jayde @ssavannahjaydee

Synopsis:Sadie and McKayla are obsessed with social networks and have plotted a macabre plan: kidnapping serial killer Lowell and force him to train them in the art of horror. They want to make history on the internet. At first, everything works as planned, but soon things will start to go wrong and Lowell will be free. Then, the so called Tragedy Girls will have to change plans.

Tragedy Girls

Tragedy girls, by Tyler MacIntyre

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