We want to help you to know better the members of our jury of this 36th edition of the Molins Horror Film Festival. We have asked each one the same 10 questions and for starters we offer you today the answers of Roser Amills.

10 questions for a jury:

Conoce al Jurado 2017: Roser Amills

What is the first film you remember having watched in your life?

ET, at the cinema, I was seven years old and I had the chance to cry, laugh and enjoy it.

What is the best film ever?

I can’t choose only one… well, Paris, Texas, just to pay tribute to Harry Dean Stanton, rest in peace.

What is your favourite horror film?

I saw Nosferatu through the key hole of my room, I was seven or eight years old.

In your opinion, what is the best movie ending in the history of cinema?

… “I’ll think about it tomorrow in Tara …. tomorrow I’ll think about how to get him back. “

A movie soundtrack you will never forget?

Out Of Africa

What do you think of remakes?

They show what Walter Benjamin said about a piece of art, the aura and reproductions… he was right!

What actor or actress would you bring back to life?

Robert Mitchum, he would be 100 years old now and he’d still make great films.

Why should people attend to MolinsHorror?

Because of the warmth of the organization as well as the audience.

How do you expect the experience of being a jury member in TerrorMolins?

The most inspiring experience.

What professional project are you devoted to right now?

Next October I’ll be presenting my fifth novel, Asja, published by Comanegra, a novel that deals with a hardly known woman who fascinated and conquered Walter Benjamin, Asja Lacis, a Russian working-class theatre director who started being a Bolshevik, later became a communist progressive intellectual (this year is the 100th anniversary of the Russian Revolution), and ended up as a prisoner for ten years in a gulag… Everyone can come to the event in Barcelona, next October 19th, Asja’s 128th birthday! It’s going to be on the 19th at 22:00 at the publisher’s headquarters, 159 Consell de Cent street.
Roser Amills, jurado del TerrorMolins 2017Roser Amills is the firt announced member for the official jury of the Molins Horror Film Festival 2017.
Roser is a writer and journalist from Mallorca, she has lived in Barcelona since she was seventeen. She has published a number of books many of which have sex in their main line. Some of her titles are Paraules d’Amor, confessions apassionades (Words of Love, Passionate Confessions – 2011, written with her mate Victor Amela), Les 1001 fantasies més eròtiques i salvatges de la història (The 1001 Most Erotic and Wildest fantasies ever – 2012), or the latest El ecuador de Ulises (Ulises’s Ecuator – 2015) and La bachillera (2016).

Meet the Jury of 2017: Roser Amills

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