Revenge, by Coralie Fargeat

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Original title: Revenge
Year: 2017
Running time: 108 min.
Country: France
Director: Coralie Fargeat
Screenwriter: Coralie Fargeat
Cinematography: Robrecht Heyvaert
Editing: Jerome Eltabet, Coralie Fargeat, Bruno Safar
Production: Marc-Etienne Schwartz,Marc Stanimirovic
Production Co.; M.E.S. Productions / Monkey Pack Films / Logical Pictures / Charades
Cast: Matilda Anna, Ingrid Lutz, Kevin Janssens

Sinopsys: Three rich, married men get together every year to go hunting. But this time, one of them arrives accompanied by his lover, a young woman who rapidly arouses the interest of the other two. Things get dramatically complicated for her… Left for dead out in the middle of nowhere, the girl comes back to life, and the hunting game becomes a relentless revenge.

Revenge, de Coralie Fargeat

Revenge, by Coralie Fargeat

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