We want to help you to know better the members of our jury of this 36th edition of the Molins Horror Film Festival. We have asked each one the same 10 questions and we offer you today the answers of Ángel Agudo.

10 questions for a jury:

Conoce al Jurado 2017: Ángel Agudo

What is the first film you remember having watched in your life?

Well this is weird, because it is a Spanish horror film, Serpiente de Mar, directed by Amando de Ossorio. If I’m not wrong, it was Ray Milland’s last role in a film.
Well, just next door of my home, in Carabanchel (working class area in Madrid), there used to be a cinema, the Cinema España. It had weekend morning sessions, and I don’t really know why, they used to screen really weird things that you could watch for a dime. You could watch Les Schtroumpfs cartoons or they might have a mind turn and screen Wizard of Oz. A real madness with quite edgy audiences.
It was back in 1985 or 1986, who knows, but my dad might have seen that giant snake attacking a city and could have thought that I might like it, so we got inside. I’m sure that wasn’t the first time that we went to the movies, but it is true that that rubber thing rolling up a bridge and tearing it down the sea got engraved in my memory.


What is the best film ever?

For a time I used to say that Zapruder’s film (showing Kennedy’s death live), until one day in an ECAM class, I said it as a punk tour de force and Manolo Matji asked me to write an essay justifying the bluster I had just delivered…
To be true, it depends on the day you ask me. I can say one title or another, but I think that there are four titles that I mention now and again: Les Quatre Cents Coups, Halloween, Blow Out, and Alien. Sometimes I can also say Die Hard which drives me mad.


What is your favourite horror film?

See what I said? Today I say Alien, but tomorrow I might say Halloween…

In your opinion, what is the best movie ending in the history of cinema?

Waw! That’s a hell of a question for someone who approached film-madness in the 1990’s, with those unexpected final turns of the plot… The Usual Suspects, Seven, The Game… I might mention one thousand, from any of these to Paths of Glory or One, Two, Three, or even A.I. Artifitial Intelligence. But since I confessed that Blow Up is one of my favourite films, I’m going to stick to it. Nancy Allen’s scream at the end really stabs me; I think it is a genius end.

A movie soundtrack you will never forget?

A self-evident one… Jurassic Park, perhaps very few films have been so influential in my generation… But if you want a single tune… Throne Room from Star Wars is one of the most moving things you can listen to. There is nothing more epic.

What do you think of remakes?

I totally agree. Let me be a know-all ass for ten seconds… This has always been like that, thing of a minstrel arriving in a village and telling his own version of the same ballad that someone else had told the year before. Listening again and again the same stories has a lot to do with what we really are and how we connect with narrative, hasn’t it?
Moreover… if the remake is better than the original, it is great because now you have two movies to enjoy yourself. If it isn’t better, well no one can prevent you from sticking to the original.


What actor or actress would you bring back to life?

No doubt, Gene Kelly. I think that absolutely all of his films can have me sitting through in front of the screen.

Why should people attend to MolinsHorror?

Because we are going to have a hell of a time! Fantastic Fest and Austin are going to be an Opus Dei [an ultra-catholic sect] meeting in comparison with what we are going to have there! I will even speak about Zapruder’s film!!!!!

How do you expect the experience of being a jury member in TerrorMolins?

It’s going to be great. Everybody says that your Festival is awesome, so I’ll surely have such a great time that I’ll become a faithful part of the audience from now on.

What professional project are you devoted to right now?

Well, I’m in the adventure of taking a screenplay to the USA… Something that, I tell you, is going to be an experience with an unexpected result: I might end up giving TED lectures on it or telling it to a divorce expert waiter in a drunk night as well. Whatever happens, it will be something to share.
Meanwhile, I am working on something for the TV but I still can’t tell you anything; I hope we can shoot it soon because it is a great project. If we are lucky, I’ll be able to tell you more about it during the Festival!

Ángel Agudo, jurado del TerrorMolins 2017We are pleased to announce that Ángel Agudo will be part of the official jury of this year’s TerrorMolins. Educated as a screenplay writer at ECAM (Escuela de Cinematografía y del Audiovisual de la Comunidad de Madrid), he is the co-writer of two feature films: Sweet Home (2011-2017), produced by Filmax, and Los prescindibles (2012-2013). He is besides writing the screenplay, he also directed the film El hombre que vio llorar a Frankenstein (2010).

Meet the Jury of 2017: Ángel Agudo

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