Here’s a list of the publishers that were present at the 2017 Festival as well as the games that were at our event in the Sala Gòtica of Molins de Rei. It was the first edition of the Molins Horror Games.


2 Tomatoes

Publisher of desktop games from Barcelona. It was founded by Jordi Rodríguez and Álvaro Lerma. Authors of the game Lord of the P.I.G.S., a social criticism oriented game which achieved a successful crowdfunding campaign in Verkami.

They have widened their catalogue with other campaigns like the eurogame Guilds of London, game for children, Upstream, by local authors and Peak Oil, in which you play the role of crude oil company. Their catalogue also includes relevant games like Magic Maze, nominated for the Spiel des Jahres and the Yokohama. Another production is their game with mini-replicas from the comic book series The walking dead: All out war. Recently, they have published the game Kreus and they are intending to publish the notorious Vast the crystal Caverns.

They will be present in the event with The walking dead: all out war and Lord of the P.I.G.S.


Players: 1-2
Time: 30-120minutes
Target ages: +12 year-olds

The Walking Dead: All out war is a strategy game that takes place in settings of the famous zombie series, The walking dead. Your group will face other survivor groups in a hard struggle for supplies but the walkies will react against every action. The struggle for survival is present throughout. Each player controls their own group of survivors the include relevant characters from the series: Rick, Shane, Michonne. Each survivor is represented by a plastic meeple that will move through each and every setting.


Guerra de Mitos

Table games publisher that started out with the eponymous card game. Since 2016, they have published several games with different age targets and player categories such as Destroy BCN!, Wake up Cthulhu, Noches de Sangre, Shinobi Assassins and the notorious Not Alone. Their latest issues include Ticket to Mars by designer Eugeni Castaño, Metal Mania a game in which you are the agent of a heavy metal singer, designed by Fernando Lafuente, and Wanted 7, a gunmen game designed by Eloi Pujades. As you can see, the publisher is in favour of local creators.

They will be at the event with Not alone and Bloody Nights. We’ll also have a worldwide premiere, a prototype of the game Apocalipsis Z, which is inspired in horror novels by Manel Loureiro and designed by David Illescas, author of Skull Tales.

NOT ALONE (2016)

Players: 2-7
Time: 45m
Target ages: +10year-olds
Designer: Ghislain Masson

We are in the 25th century and the humans have been travelling on spaceships for a long time in the search of new civilizations, resources and extraordinary secrets. Initial readings by on board computers showed that the humans would be able to settle in this planet full of local animals and plants. When they get into the atmosphere of the planet, a strong magnetic field blocks all the systems and the state of emergency is declared. A strange creature will be stalking you until the end… Not alone is an asymmetric card game where some players represent the creature who is playing against the rest of explorers who are stuck up in the intergalactic shipwrecked expedition in the mysterious planet called Artemia.


Players: 1-4
Time: 45m
Target ages: not informed
Designer: David Illescas

Apocalipsis Z is a trilogy of novels set in a zombie universe, written by Manel Loureiro. Now, Apocalipsis Z is also a table game. The world is not what it used to be any more because of the epidemic that is spreading all around. Living-dead population is growing up and ordinary people will have to learn to face a new life. Protagonists must organise teams to work and avoid the anguish of being under a zombie attack.

This game is not in the market yet. Molins Horror Jocs will have a prototype for testing.


Time: 60m
Target ages: +16
Designer: Fidel Montesino

Noches de Sangre is a semi-cooperative card game in which players must survive a vampire attack for more than thirty nights. Players are villagers who will have to get weapons and supplies, rescue other survivors, and find safe shelters… meanwhile they are under the attack of wild and hungry vampires. They’ve got to fight against starvation, cold, and the rest of survivors. Only the best will see the sunlight again.



Publisher from Barcelona with four games in the market, one of them is Space Opera, which will be presented in the international games fair Spiel of Essen. They also have two games for family players: Sheepland and Zoop. Last but not least, they achieved a great crowdfunding success in Verkami with Amanecer Zombie which has just been issued. A game designed by Pere Valero and Ramón Vargas.

They will be present in our event with Amanecer Zombie.


Players: 1-4
Time: 100m
Target ages: +12
Designer: Pere Valero and Ramon Vargas

Sometimes survival depends on a simple dilemma: fight or fly. Amanecer Zombi is a survival game in which you’ll be looking for different places to survive in a zombie world. You’ll be struggling for weapons, medicines and food to be more powerful than your opponents and face the dangers that your find in your way. You will have to manage your cards, explore new maps, find objects, recruit new survivors for your group, heal wounds, improve the skills of your characters, carry out missions and the most important thing… harm the other players.

Megacorpin Games

This publiser from Madrid has issued the game Incómodos invitados which has become a success, it’s in its third edition.

The game is based in the classical Cluedo but, for the occasion, the trick is in the cards and replayability. Each new edition has incorporated improvements that make it more and more interesting.


Players: 2-8
Time: 45-75m
Designer: Ron Gonzalo

This innovative card game leads us to the night when Mr Walton was murdered. Will you be the first to solve the conflict? You ust find where, how and why everything happened. You have to trade information with the rest of players in order to reach a conclusion. Be careful with giving away the best clues. There are 3,600 solutions and millions of different games. You’ll never play the same game twice.



Invedars is a Spanish publisher that started out in 2010 with a set of games for IOS, Time Geeks, which was downloaded more than 2 million times. In 2016 they set a new period as a desktop games publisher with The writer: Lovecraft Playing cards and the issue of CastleCards: Asalto al castillo. Their present projects are Cthulhu Crusades, Narcos and Back to the Mountains of Madness among other new issues.

Besides this series of light games, they have a second publishing line, Cthulhu Project, inpired in H.P. Lovecraft’s work on whom we are prsenting a book this year.

They will be present in the event with Cthulhu Crusades.


Players: 2-8
Time: 15-30m
Target age: +10 year-olds
Designer: Albert Cano

Cthulhu Crusades is a quick card game that combines random and strategy. It is set in the dark middle ages under the influence of Necronomicon. You can make the castle walls shake, make sacrifices, and call the creatures of the underworld.

Your aim as a player is invading the enemy castle and get their copy of the damned book Necronomicon.


Last Level distribuciones

Last Level has been a distribution company for wholesale distribution of licensed products. Their catalogue includes gifts, textile, models, table games and all kinds of merchandising for present day leisure. Lately, they have set the publishing line Last Level which includes many games from the market.

They will be present in the event with Last Friday, inspired in the film Friday 13th; Hostage Negotiator as well as the zombie game Huida de Silver City.


Players: 2-8
Time: 15-30m
Target ages: +10
Designer: Antonio Ferrara and Sebastiano Fiorillo

Last Friday is a hunt and deduction table game with an inspiration from slasher horror films. As young campers, each player must survive a long and horrific weekend, except one of the players, who is going to play the psychopath role. The murderer wants to remain hidden and kill all the campers, while campers try to defeat and kill the murderer.

The game has four chapters: the arrival at the campsite, stalking, massacre and end episode. Every section has different rules. The hunter becomes the prey and then comes back from the dead seeking revenge… remember the film?

This autumn they are issuing an extension called Return to Camp Apache.


Players: 1
Time: 20m
Target ages: +13
Designer: A.J Porfirio

In Hostage Negotiator you play the role of a police-person who has to trade the release of hostages who have been kidnapped by sickly evil people.

Every round of the game represents a conversation between the agent and the kidnapper, terrorist or serial killer. You must manage your conversation points, down the threaten level and finally free the hostages.

Several different ways lead to victory, however you must be able to read the mind of the people around you. Will you try to set them down until they surrender? Will you have to stop the time progress before calling a special force team? How many people will you set free? These are some of the exciting decisions you will have to take throughout this unique game.



This publisher from Granollers (Barcelona), Viravi Edicions started up as a new business line within an education oriented company, Artgest Serveis Integrals per a la Cultura, SL. They focus one education and leisure with the release of family games. Their proposal focuses in the search of original ideas paying special attention to quality, design and playability.

The staff in charge have been into table games, role games and war games for a long time.

They will be present in our event with Castles of Mad King Ludwig, El favor del faraón and Una noche, el hombre lobo.


Players: 1-4
Time: 90m
Target ages: +13
Designer: Ted Alspach

In Castles of Mad King Ludwig each player is commissioned to build the hugest and most extravagant castle for the mad king, Ludwig II von Bayern. The king is obsessed with castles. For instance, he built the Neuschwanstein castle (in which Disney found inspiration for the decoration of their thematic parks). You have been commissioned to build a new one: the biggest and craziest castle ever built. Each player takes turns in the building of their personal projects and suggest the addition of new dependencies.

Either satisfy the king’s desires or lose your contract.


Players: 2-4
Time: 45m
Target ages: +13
Designer: Thomas Lehman

In ancient Egypt, even a humble farmer was allowed to attend a pharaoh’s audience. In El favor del Faraón, players fight for the pharaoh’s favour with their work. The dice values will determine their influence to progress within the society. Attaining the queen’s favours leads to the end contest, but beware because any error can be irreversible.


Players: 3-10
Time: 10m
Target ages: +8
Designer: Ted Alspach y Akihisa Okui

Once Ultimate Werewolf is a quick game involving 3-10 players each of which has a particular role within a particular environment. One morning, your village must find out who is a werewolf. The winner is the first person who finds them. In contrast, the wolf must be able to escape because it is in fact the prey who wants to flee from the bloody villagers.


Alcarria Games.Blazing Dices

Alcarria Games started out as a table game association in Guadalajara (Spain). They used to organise leisure events connected with desktop games. They gave a step forward with the issue of a publishing line called Blazing Dices with a crowdfunding campaign for a game inspired in Dante’s Divine Comedy. A trip to the underworld along with a hero that seeks redemption of the souls.

They will be present in the event with Hell’s Rising.


Players: 2-4
Time: 65m
Target ages: +14

It is a desktop game inspired in Dante Alighieri’s poem The Divine Comedy, the objective is collecting souls by means of a number of options. Each player assumes the role of one character of the book: Dante, Beatrice, Orpheus or Virgil.

It is not just a dice game. The players interact on the board using their action points. There are different progress options: you can use the action points to recruit soldiers, declare wars, conquer lands, stop wars… Which strategy are you going to adopt to obtain the highest amount of souls?


SD Games

SD Games started out as part of the biggest Spanish supplier, SD Distribuciones and SD Toys. They distribute comics from publishers like Panini, Magic, Pokemon. In December 2015 they issued the game Rush and Bash, in 2016 they published Juego de trenes, and they have not stopped ever since. In 2017 they have 35 titles in their catalogue. For this autumn they have announced euro games such as Riverboat, Noria, Nussfjord.
They also have family games like Juego de Trenes, Números Locos or the awarded Escuela de Pingüinos. For more advanced players they offer games like Isla de Skye, Gran Hotel Austria or The colonists.

They will be present in our event with Warehouse 51, Titan Race and some other surprises.

WAREHOUSE 51 (2015)

Players: 3-5
Time: 45m
Target ages: +10
Designer: Bruno Faidutti, Sergio Halaban and André Zatz

Year 2038. The Federal Government wants to sell some of their most secret treasures which are stored at Warehouse 51. There are unique and magical objects and often dangerous for the human race: Aladdin’s lamplight, Thor’s hammer, the Golem, or Philosopher’s Stone.

With Warehouse 51, each player is a multimillionaire who wants to buy these objects for their personal collections, however, most of them have paranormal effects which can have an influence in the game. Beware of forgeries!


Ediciones Más que Oca

It is an online shop of desktop games in Spain. Lately they have ventured publishing and they have gathered an interesting catalogue in a very short time.

They will be present in the event with Estudio en Esmeralda, inspired in H.P. Lovecraft’s myths, and with Ultimate werewolf.


Players: 2-5
Time: 60m
Target ages: +13 year-olds
Designer: Martin Wallace

It is 1882, and the creatures come from the outer worlds are here. They are known as Antiguos. They arrived here 700 years ago and have ruled the planet since then. Most people accept the monster government. However, a revolutionary group wants to free the human race from their slavery. These fighters are called Restauradores. Time has come for activists to declare war against the forces loyal to the Antiguos. The invention of dynamite has changed the balance of powers and a single murderer can destroy an Antiguo. This is a world of murderers, spies, police agents and activists: no one knows who they are or whom they are with.


Players: 5-68
Time: 30-90m
Target ages: +8
Designer: Ted Alspach

Your peaceful 16th century village is infested with werewolves… Your job is finding them before they eat everybody.

Ultimate Werewolf: Ultimate Edition is an all-age family game. Each player takes a different role: hunter, werewolf. You must win everyone’s trust while you eat them. There are dozens of different roles supporting villagers or werewolves.


No solo Rol

Nosolorol Edicions started out in 2005 to publish role games. In 2010 they started a venture in digital format. Since then, they have worked in combining traditional and electronic formats. At present, Nosolorol publish role games and gathers a team that includes correctors, translators, designers, illustrators and writers.

Their catalogue includes classic games like Vampir: La Mascarada 20è Aniversari, Pendragón or Aquelarre as well as the latest gaming approaches like Atomic Robatori or Worlds in Peril. Moreover, they present role games for children with titles like Petits Detectius de Monstres and Magissa.

Recently, they have issued some desktop games with a strong horror genre flavour as for example Espinas or A taste for murder.

They will come to our event with José Lomo’s game Espinas, a good chance to tell horror stories.

ESPINAS (2017)

Players: 3-6
Time: 45 minutes
Target ages: +10 year-olds

Espines is a game for creating horror stories using a small set of elements, imagination and memory. It’s a strong narrative experience in which a group or 3-6 players are going to face their deepest fears.

Something is gathering you, fifteen years after your first visit to the old institution. There is something that wants to destroy you in the wrecked building. It wants you to remember, close the circle, revenge!


Cgp Comunicación

Cgp is a graphic design company that presents a game designed by Carlos Garrigues Pinazo.

SEQUENS 118 (2017)

Players: 2-8
Time: 15-45min
Target ages:+12 year-olds
Designer: Carlos Garrigues

It is inspired in series like “Dexter” or “Ments Criminals”, in Sequens118 you must guess the secret character and get into a serial killer’s mind. You must win as many counters as possible as long as they are related with the character that you choose. At the same time, you must keep clues away from the other players.

You can change the role of murderer or detective whenever you want, so this is always there even though you have been discovered.

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