We want to help you to know better the members of our jury of this 36th edition of the Molins Horror Film Festival. We have asked each one the same 10 questions and we offer you today the answers of Arno Frisch.

10 questions for a jury:

Conoce al Jurado 2017: Arno Frisch

What is the first film you remember having watched in your life?


What is the best film ever?

The best film ever is always the last film I’ve seen, that really went under my skin.

What is your favourite horror film?


In your opinion, what is the best movie ending in the history of cinema?

The ending of “One flew over the Cockoo’s nest”

A movie soundtrack you will never forget?

The Theme of “Badlands”

What do you think of remakes?

They usually don’t live up to the original.

What actor or actress would you bring back to life?

Jean Seberg

Why should people attend to MolinsHorror?

Because there you can see movies, that really go under your skin.

How do you expect the experience of being a jury member in TerrorMolins?

A blindfolded Rollercoaster ride.

What professional project are you devoted to right now?

Right now I’m at the hairdresser getting my hair cut.
Arno Frisch: Born in Vienna, Austria, the critically acclaimed actor made his screen debut at age 15 starring in Michael Haneke’s award-winning “Benny’s Video”. 5 years later, his following collaboration with Haneke earned him international iconic cult status in the award-winning “Funny Games”, nominated for the prestigious Cannes Palm d’Or. With over 30 film & TV credits, he was recently seen in Ruth Mader’s “Life Guidance” which premiered in Competition in 2017’s Venice Days.

Meet the Jury of 2017: Arno Frisch

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