We are very happy to announce that, for the second time, the Festival along with publisher editorial Hermenaute are going to present the book of the Festival with the title Michael Haneke: La estética del dolor (Michael Haneke: The Aesthetics of Pain).

It is a collective project, coordinated by Albert Galera with a foreword by cinema reviewer Carlos Losilla. The book studies in detail Haneke’s work with a special attention to his most annoying and horrific side. The book explores the limits of horror through an essential director that dissects the deepest corners of human behaviour and the triggers of everyday horror.

The authors include several members of the staff of the Festival such as Albert Galera himself or Jaume Claver, besides other contributors such as Gerard Fossas, Joan Doménech, Txema Luzán and Javier Rueda.
The book is available at the official website of Hemenaute.

The presentation will be held on Tuesday, November 14th at Sala Gòtica with its coordinator Albert Galera, publisher Lluís Rueda as well as other contributors.

The Festival crosses frontiers and part of the staff are going to present the book within the Festival.

Haneke: La estética del dolor

Molins 2017 |