Menú wins Blogos de Oro’s best horror short film award

As announced a few minutes ago, the 5th edition of the Blogos de Oro awards has given the short film Menú, directed by Carlos Bigorra, the #BlogosDeOro to the Best Horror Short Film Award, offered by our Festival. The prize consists of the screening of the short film within the 2018 edition of HorrorMolins to be held next November 9th to November 18th.

Update: Menú short film will be screened at Molins Film Festival 2018 opening gala on November 9th.

We are glad to offer this award and work hand in hand with Blogos de Oro. We want to highlight the great quality of the works nominated by Blogos de Oro as candidates to this award. So, taking the last decision has been really hard for our jury. Congratulations to everyone for their participation.

Menú gana el premio Blogos de Oro al mejor corto de Terror

You can check out the full list of this edition’s Blogos de Oro awards at his website.

Synopsis of Menú:
Marta and Pablo have met for dinner. Throughout the meeting we will find out the secrets of their relationship and we will see how we can always find reasons to have a second chance.

Direction: Carlos Bigorra
Cast: Andrea Dueso, Jordi Coll, Lola Moltó, Jose Manuel Casany, Enrique Juezas
Script: Carlos Bigorra, Óscar Latorre, Miguel Palmero
Music: Laura Beele
Phorography: Miguel Campos
Producer: Endolinfa Producciones

Menú gana el premio de Blogos de Oro

Menú wins Blogos de Oro’s best horror short film award

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