Concurso #20SegundosMovistar de videos de terror

For the fourth consecutive year, we introduce our 20 Seconds of Horror Video Contest, again with Movistar+ as sponsor and with the hashtag #20SegundosMovistar. Remeber that we accept horror in all of its forms, genres, subgenres and interpretations.

To participate:

Post your 20 seconds max. video on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram

Embed the vídeo, video links will not be accepted

Mention the hashtag #20SegundosMovistar

Include the title of the video

Follow the Festival’s account of the network where you post Facebook Twitter Instagram


Check the rules of the contest for further information and dare to participate before November 2nd 2018.
The videos in competition will opt to the following prices:

  • One full access ticket to the whole Festival for the three nominees, screening of their works during the Festival as well as their distribution through Movistar+’s social networks.
  • The three nominees will get 3 six month subscriptions to Movistar+ (one each) entitling them to access to all the contents of the platform (cinema, tv series, soccer and other sports, Premium channels).
  • The winning short film will be entitle for a 2 night hotel stay for two nights in a double room, for the nights of November 17thand 18th.
  • The winning short film will also get a premium pack of Festival merchandising, and a special pack of Blu-ray films.
  • The three nominees will be screened during the Movistar Session and the winner will be screened on November 17th as well, before the closing screening of the festival.
      Accept the challenge to participate and enjoy every editions’s contenders and pay attention to news about the 2018 edition at the contest Twitter account.
      Concurso #20SegundosMovistar de videos de terror

      #20SegundosMovistar Horror Video Contest

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