A brief history of the logos of the Festival

Nueva imagen para terrorMolins - logo 2003The first logotype of terrorMolins was designed in 2003 when, after a collaboration agreement with Sitges, we became a festival including the epic “12 Hores”, the newborn “Concurs de Curts”, as well as some further activities. Before that, no graphic emblem had been used to identify what had been nothing but a horror cinema marathon.


This first logo comes from the 2002 edition poster, by designer Antonio Andreu. One of the red knives shown in the poster was adopted as an icon. This model was used for a short time. In 2004 the head logo was born. However, it was only used as an image stamped on the first commemorative t-shirt. As a matter of fact, the logo as a relevant element of the different graphic contents of the Festival was not used until 2006, in de 25th edition. Surprisingly, this second logo was taken from another poster, again designed by Antonio Andreu in 2003. So, we can say that both logos are somehow children of two posters created by the local legend designer, who had also made the 2001 poster and had contributed in the creation of the 1993 poster.


Since then, there have been a couple of updates. One took place in 2008, when red and yellow disappeared and the logo became monochrome (black on white or the reverse). Then, in 2010, the fonts were modified in order to improve readability and printing. This is how the current logo and emblem of the Festival emerged.

Note: You may notice that in 2002, the poster surprisingly adverts the 19th edition and, only one year later, it jumped to the 22nd. This happened because when the Festival came back in 2001, after a decade hiatus, no serious research on the real number of editions that had been held since 1973. The mistake was solved two years later and thus the exact number of editions was updated.


Design of the new corporate identity and brand repositioning of the Molins de Rei Horror Film Festival

The proposal was born out of the concern of the festival’s organizing committee, which has been held since 1975, to position itself as a cultural event of reference within the national audiovisual sector. The impact of the contest has been increasing, however they did not have a consistent graphic that could be consolidated in its multiple applications.

The solution has been to resort to the popular imaginary around horror films. The custom M symbol has been built, with exaggerated features based on the films of the 80’s and 70’s of the genre in question.

With the M we vindicate the importance and the pride of Molins de Rei as the location of the Festival.

The intention is to build an umbrella brand that identifies the festival in all its applications, and that coexists with each of the posters that are published in their respective editions.


Nueva imagen para terrorMolins

New design for terrorMolins

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