After The Lethargy, by Marc Carreté

Spanish premiere

Original title: After the Lethargy
Year: 2018
Country: Spain
Running time: 82 min.
Director: Marc Carreté
Screenwriter: Marc Carreté
Cinematography: Xavi Garriga
Editor: Marc Carreté
Music: Jordi Dalmau
Credits and titles design: Marc Martínez Jordán
Visual effects: Jordi San Agustín
Make up: Claudia de Anta, Laura Pérez
Cast: Andrea Guasch, Joe Manjón, Ramon Canals, Mark Schardan, Sue Flack, Liliana Cabal, Ben Vinnicombe, Julius Cotter, Lucy Tillet, Patrícia Mendoza, Celia Cordero
Production Co.: Creatures of the Dark

Synopsis: The film follows reporter Sara (Andrea Guasch) who travels to the hot spot where one of the most extraordinary contacts with extraterrestrials in history supposedly took place. A forest ranger (Joe Manjón) and a sinister villager (Ramon Canals), accompany the girl, helping her to overcome the dangers that nature entails. However, despite good intentions, they will soon be attacked by a creature that lives in the depths of the forest, being forced to take refuge in an old abandoned military barracks.

After The Lethargy, de Marc Carreté

After The Lethargy, by Marc Carreté

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