We are glad to mention the fitting of this promising project that came into being at the Networking of TerrorMolins 2017, IMAGO.

A short time ago, TerrorWeekend unveiled exclusively some of its details, starting out with the first official teaser poster.

Marc Carreté’s indie producer company, Creatures of the Dark, is going to produce IMAGO, first feature film by short film director, Rafa Dengrà, who made, among others, Brutal Relax (2010) and Justicia Justiciera III (2016), as well as director of Fantosfreak.

We want to highlight that Dengrà has had a long relationship with terrorMolins which started in 2010 with the presence of his short film Brutal Relax in the Short Film Official Section of our Festival; he has also been in the last edition of our contest as a member of the Blogos de Oro jury. In 2011, he got the Award to the Best FX and Make Up in Short Films for Alastor, in 2012 he contributed his short film Oscuro Resplandor and in 2013 his short film La sed animal.

Find out about terrorMolins’s Networking 2018

IMAGO will be the third feature film produced by CREATURES OF THE DARK, after FRAMED, Marc Martínez’s debut film which had its worldwide premiere in TerrorMolins 2017, and AFTER THE LETHARGY, with Carreté himself as director which will be screened in terrorMolins 2018.

“We are working under our initial philosophy in order to produce low budget horror films, with people who fit our style and our reality, with their own project and a good short film history. Rafa Dengrà suited all these conditions for us to start out a new adventure.” Marc Carreté.

The agreement between Dengrà and Carreté came into reality at the Networking of the last edition of terrorMolins, and the producers are intending to shoot the film throughout 2019, in Cerdanyola del Vallès and other locations near Barcelona.

First synopsis:

Raul is an expert on audiovisual fakes and he is asked to verify whether the video of the terrible disappearance of three members of a family is true or just a fake. The protagonist’s life will reach collapse as soon as he gets close to the real events.

In the next few months, new information about the cast, shooting dates and other details of the project will come to light. Be as it may, from the Molins de Rei Horror Film Festival, we wish the best to this film which we feel as a part of us.

Rafa Dengrà debutará en el largo con IMAGO

Rafa Dengrà to debut on feature films with IMAGO, come into being at Networking 2017

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