Júpiter Juegos Barcelona patrocinador oficial de Molins Horror Games 2018

Molins Film Festival focuses in offering a wide scope of activities connected with the passion for cinema and the genre of horror. This year we have the help of Júpiter Juegos Barcelona.

Last year we organised the 1st gaming day focused in mystery and horror board games called Molins Horror Games. It had a great success with more than 150 attendants in a day in which several nationwide publishers offered their genre games. We also held a lecture on the art of telling stories through board games. In the same way that a film tells us a story, a board game includes an adventure that is told by means of the game and its rules. The topics, the playing dynamics and the illustrations are tools that the publisher uses to amaze the player who seeks a new adventure to share around a table.

This is what Molins Horror Games offers. An opportunity to share a playing table with everyone who wants to learn new board games, or those who are experts and those who want to give a chance to this hobby full of human interactions.

The gaming shop Júpiter Juegos Barcelona, placed in the so called “nerdy triangle” of the Arc de Triomf area, has supported our project becoming the official sponsor of Molins Horror Games 2018. It is managed by Joan Grau and Daniel Romero, who are going to be with us on this edition with the intention of contributing their experience and knowledge.

“Lately, board games are more and more present in our society, not only as a free time activity but as a learning and developing model for children and grown ups. At Júpiter Juegos Barcelona, we bet for a close up connection in order to bring everyone into this wonderful world of board games. That is why we want to be part of Molins Horror Games. You can’t miss it!”

Daniel Romero, Júpiter Juegos

The local gaming club, Jugones MdR, will be present with its members volunteering to show the different games that publishers have offered. All the games involved are connected with horror and mystery. Moreover, this year we have trips as central topic. Trips that can be fascinating or weird, horrific or unforgettable, ..
Let us end with some words by board games expert and director of Barcelona Festival Dau, Oriol Comas:

“Mixing diferent cultural disciplines has been wonderful throughout history. So it will always be good that the Molins de Rei Horror Film Festival includes parallel activities within their general framework. Playing is one of most immersive cultural activities. And yes, becoming Dracula or a Zombie in a games is the best complement to vampire and un-dead films. Cinema and games are in the same side!

Long life TerrorMolins! Long life Molins Horror Games!”

Oriol Comas i Coma
Director de Dau Barcelona festival del joc

Júpiter Juegos Barcelona official sponsor for Molins Horror Games 2018

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