Voodoo Apocalypse, by Vasni J. Ramos

 Voodoo Apocalypse
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Original title: Apocalipsis Voodoo
Year: 2018
Running time: 99 min.
Country: Spain
Director: Vasni J. Ramos
Screenwriters: Sergio G. Ramos, Vasni J. Ramos, Jose J. Ramallo
Cinematography: Gabriel García
Music: Kike Perdomo, Sergio G. Ramos, Carlos Díaz
Compositor: Sara López
Cast: Jose J. Ramallo, Sergio G. Ramos, Jorge Galván, Víctor Hubara, Carla Boricó, Raquel Rial, Jose Luis de Madariaga, Armando Buika, Conrado Flores, Tana González, Joaquín Sánchez
Production Co.: El Hombre Invisible Films
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Synopsis: The films tells the apocalyptic battle between a couple of policemen (clear anti-heroes) and a super villian called Papa Voodoo and his funk band: “The Funky Zombies”, whose music turns the audience into zombies. A battle in which Kung Fu, Mexican Wrestling, Voodoo, zombies, love and the parapsychological expertise of a priest who is a katana champion… all shaken by the rhythm of funky music.

Apocalipsis Voodoo, de Vasni J. Ramos

Voodoo Apocalypse, by Vasni J. Ramos

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