We present the Spot of the 37th edition of the Molins Film Festival made one more year by the filmmaker Paco Ruiz, responsible for the realization of the Festival spot since 2006. Nothing better than the words of the director to explain the origin and development of the same.

It has been the most complex to film so far. The idea started from the poster image of this edition. It helps me a lot to have a reference and I think it’s good that everything goes with the same tone. The concept was to recreate the moment of a graduation photo by paying homage to Carrie. The inspiration was given by De Palma’s own influences to Hitchcock’s cinema and more specifically to the famous plane of Psycho. A camera movement of the most classic style of De Palma, pure cinematographic narrative, giving little by little the reading information to the spectator, looking for delicacy and elegance. From there, everything is related to a single look, the director, the actress Paula Orteu herself and an obsession, in this case the Festival with the Director and the genre.

Paco Ruiz has a degree in photography directing from the ESCAC (Higher School of Cinema and Audiovisuals of Catalonia), has worked as a filmmaker, editor, writer and director of photography. He is responsible for our spots since 2006 and director of the documentary “30 years of Festival de Molins de Rei”. He recently premiered his short film Insidia genre, produced by ESCAC Films and starring actors Albert Baró and Pau Poch.

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