Anunnaki: Los caidos del cielo

World premiere

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Original title: Anunnaki: Los caídos del cielo
Country: Spain
Year: 2018
Running Time: 80 min
Direction: Joan Frank Charansonnet, Rubén Vilchez
Screenwriter: Joan Frank Charansonnet
Music: Louis A Moss, Morphium, Fancy Candy Girls, Acts of God, Terrolokaust, Noise Revolution, Bad Way, Inmune
Sound design: Doblage Digital
Film editing: Rubén Vilchez, Joan Frank Charansonnet
Make up and hairstyling: Jessica Molano
Fx: Jessica Molano, Mar Busoms, Mar Rodriguez
Cast: Joan Frank Charansonnet, Dani Bernabé, Susanna Plana, Mònica Corral, Júlia Jane, Efren Cases, Miquel Sitjar, Joan Bentallé
Production: Dejavu Films

Synopsis: Claudia (University) and Victoria (International Model) are submerged in present time in an authentic war of power between two clans of Anunna beings who have been fighting for centuries since their extraterrestrial lineages settled in Sumeria more than 5,000 years ago. The reptilian families of Uruk and Kishar feed primarily on the suffering of humans and their blood, although over the centuries they have been able to adapt physically to our appearance to go completely unnoticed … to our eyes

Anunnaki: Los caídos del cielo, by J.F.Charansonnet and Rubén Vilchez

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