El Punto Frío, the complete horror and mystery series, will screened at the Sala Gòtica in Molins de Rei in a free admission session.

The plot is inspired in the Galician legend “La Santa Compaña” and has been produced by RTVE in collaboration with Dadá Films & Entertainment, with Natalia Rodríguez, David Solans and Lola Baldrich as protagonists.

The digital series consists on five 15-20 minute long episodes that were shot in 4K Technology.

Martín, a young man obsessed with paranormal phenomena, arrives in Galicia, in the conviction that strange phenomena are going to take place in the forests. However, when he thinks that he has will witness a mysterious event in the middle of the night, he comes a cross with something unexpected: there is an abandoned corpse among the trees.

Rocío, an agent of the Guardia Civil, who is living her own personal crisis, questions the young man in order to find out his connections with the corpse he found.

Once let free, Martín goes back to the forest to inquire into the events he had been concerned about the night before. Then he meets Abril, a woman who lives alone in the forest who seems to know something about the strange phenomena that he is dealing with.

Meanwhile, the agent identifies the corpse found by Martín. That was a drug trafficker who had disappeared 30 years before. But there is something that Rocío does not understand: the dead man looks exactly like he was 30 years before. Time did not pass for him.

Directed by Alberto Ortega and written by Ángel Agudo, El Punto Frío includes a transmedia universe with five podcast episodes with Martín (David Solans) as protagonist, written by Teo Rodríguez and produced by the fiction team of the Spanish National Radio. Moreover, Javier Daga made six audiovisual pieces about the tools and machines that the protagonist uses for his paranormal research.

Along with the protagonist trio, the cast includes a team of Galician actors: Raquel Espada, Brais Yenek, Celso Parada, Roi Dacosta, Fran Paredes, César Aldea, Ana Santos, Camila Bossa and Toni Salgado.

Original title: El Punto Frío
Year: 2018
Timing: 20 min.
Nationality: Spain
Direction: Alberto Ortega
Script: Ángel Agudo
Cast: Natalia Rodríguez, David Solans, Lola Baldrich, Marcos Javier Fernández Eimil, Iñaqui Rosado, César Aldea, Camila Bossa, Roi da Costa, Raquel Espada, Celso Parada, Fran Paredes, Toni Salgado, Ana Santos, Brais Yanek
Producer: Dadá Films, Entertainment / Televisión Española (TVE)

Synopsis: it deals with the legend of “la Santa Compaña”, a fantastic legend on a procession of roving spirits who warn of the arrival of death.

El punto frío, webserie completa de Playz en La Gótica

El punto frío, full webseries at La Gótica

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