Premio Honorífico terrorMolins 2018: Jack Taylor

You only need to check out a cinema specialised web like Filmaffinity or IMDB to see the big legacy of this man born as George Brown Randall in Oregon (USA) 82 years ago but better known by true lovers of fantastic cinema as Jack Taylor. An unitiated would be really surprised by the amount of titles in which this deep blue eyed sophisticated man has taken part since his debut in 1953, in his native country, in Jack Benny’s programme sharing cast with Marilyn Monroe. Later on he would move to Mexico and then to Spain where he has made the biggest part of his filmography.

Thriller, adventure, drama, erotic, western, there is no genere he would refuse; however, fantastic cinema, from horror to sci-fi, is where he has made his deepest mark. Throughout his intense cinematographic career he has worked under the orders of Jesús Franco, John Milius, Ridley Scott, Roman Polanski, Vicente Aranda or Milos Forman among many others, and he has co-worked with Christopher Lee, Herbert Lom, Victoria Abril, Paul Naschy, Klaus Kinsky, Iciar Bollain, Johnny Depp, Patty Shepard, Ray Milland and an endless and attractive etcetera.

Besides our inconditional worship, our tribute outstands with the screening of a short but intense documentary, Jack Taylor, testigo del fantástico [Jack Taylor, a Witness of Fantastic] written and directed by Diego López.

Screenings of “Jack Taylor, testigo del fantástico” with the director Diego López and Jack Taylor himself:



Molins Film Festival 2018 Honorary Award: Jack Taylor

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