La Mirada surrealista, leitmotiv terrorMolins 2019
The Molins de Rei Horror Film Festival  2019, the terrorMolins, will have as leitmotiv “The Surrealist Sight”

In 1929, just ninety years ago, two enthusiastic and visionary young men, Luis Buñuel and Salvador Dalí, put their artistic perceptions together in order to create a symbol of what we might perfectly call “The Surrealistic Sight”, it was the breakthrough of one of the most emblematic and essential pieces of art in the history of cinema: the short film Un Chien Andalou, which has turned up as a timeless icon, a full sign favouring the freedom of artistic expression through the wide ranged possibilities of surrealism. Since then, the principles of the Buñuel-Dalí tandem have progressed through contemporary cinema with big conceptual and aesthetic leaps which would make that short jewel -twenty odd minutes long- their prototype and spiritual guide.

In its 38th edition, the Molins de Rei Horror Film Festival wants to pay tribute to such major event, widening the surrealistic sight within horror cinema. This way, we want to wink -as long as a razor knife does not cut our eye- at genre cinema with a warm welcome to the personal views of great directors like David Lynch, Alejandro Jodorowsky, Andrzej Żuławski, Guy Maddin, Satoshi Kon and Peter Strickland, among others. From the eye in Un Chien Andalou to the ear in Blue Velvet there is a whole terrifying, weird but fascinating world which we want to experience with all of you. Will you come along to terrorMolins and go in for the surrealistic sight?

Albert Galera, Director del Festival de Cine de Terror de Molins de Rei

As you know, the 2019 edition of the terrorMolins will be from November 8 to 17, 2019 and like every year we are working to offer you the best possible programming.

The Surrealistic Sight, leitmotiv of terrorMolins 2019

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