Nuevo Premio a la Mejor Banda Sonora y lista terrorMolins en Spotify


The power of influence of music since its appearance on the human being is undeniable, we are little aware of the importance of soundtracks in films when creating different atmospheres, transmitting feelings of the characters, flooding the viewer with emotions or simply accompany the audience during transcendent or transitional moments of any film.

That is why for this edition of terrorMolins we are pleased to inform you of the creation of a new award that we add to the Official Section of Feature Films and that adds to the existing ones of Best Film, Best Director, Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Special Effects and Best Screenplay.

This is the Award for Best Soundtrack and that, like the rest of the awards in the Official Section, will be decided by our feature film jury, which we will confirm in the coming months.

We take advantage of the occasion , to announce the creation of a list on Spotify that is called terrorMolins in which we will incorporate the best soundtracks and genre film songs of all decades. We will regularly expand this list to create the best possible compilation among all.



Long live the horror!

New Award for Best Soundtrack and terrorMolins list on Spotify

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