After the announcement of the dates of celebration and the leitmotiv of the Festival, comes one ofhe most special moments for us, the presentation of the official poster for this 2019 edition by graphic designer Joan Jarque. As you already know, the leitmotiv of this edition is The Surrealist Sight, and in that concept the terroMolins 2019 poster is based.

Poster de la 38ª edición del terrorMolins

In which elements you found inspiration to create the poster for the 38th edition?

There is a clear reference to 2 central films in the history of cinema, such as Un chien andalou and Blue Velvet, both related for different reasons to horror movies. As a matter of fact, when I was showing the poster to the staff of the terrorMolins, a sentence came up, and I think that it is central to this design: From Buñuel’s hands to Lynch’s ear. These two films are central to the surrealistic sight and I was feeling that they deserved an open tribute. This is the reason why the elements in the still-life are connected with these two productions.

How was the creative process of the poster?

Inspired in Dali’s works but using 3D technology, my intention started out with the idea of making a surrealistic still-life that brought to memory the times of classic black-and-white cinema but, at the same time, had a touch of colour that somehow breaks that kind of aesthetics and makes of it a powerful surrealistic image.
Making off Poster de la 38ª edición del terrorMolins
Making off Poster de la 38ª edición del terrorMolins

Designer’s bio:

Joan Jarque, born in Molins de Rei, defines himself as a multidisciplinary designer who is in mad about graphic design, visual communication and horror cinema. At present he is getting involved in animation and mapping techniques. He works for several companies as a graphic designer and business communication adviser. His involvement with the Festival started in 2014 when he worked as translator, and now he develops communication elements over the year, and makes mappings for the 10 days event. However, his connection with terrorMolins started in 2001 as a festival goer along with his parents, who are lovers of the Festival too. Definitely, horror is in his genes.

Poster of the 38th edition of the terrorMolins

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