The 32nd edition of the Molins Film Festival was held from October 29th to November 3rd, 2013. Many good genre films with several premieres among them selected to compete that confirmed our growth as a festival. What started as a 16-hour marathon turned forty and became reference that in 2013 applied as a candidate to join the European Fantastic Film Festivals Federation. We obtained our place in it the following year, in 2014, becoming able to grant Méliès d’Argent awards as we do every year since then.

Con un presupuesto de 25.000 euros, tuvimos como leitmotiv la censura en el cine de terror. Eso nos sirvió de escusa para recuperar esas películas que no tuvieron difusión y que siguen siendo difíciles de visionar por su contenido. Por ejemplo pudimos finalmente proyectar A Serbian Film, cuya proyección años atrás nos fue vetada. Estrenamos el concepto mesa redonda, en la que representantes de la industria, la crítica y la creación, reflexionaron sobre la censura.

With a budget of 25,000 euros, we had as a leitmotiv censorship in horror movies. That served us as an excuse to recover those films that were not broadcast and that are still difficult to watch for their content. For example we could finally project A Serbian Film, whose projection years ago was vetoed to us. We premiered the round table concept, in which representatives of industry, criticism and creation, exposed their opinions on censorship.

In 2013 we went from 9 to 12 films in the Official Selection, out of a total of 220 films from around the world received for the competition.

Se pudo comprar el abono completo para el Festival por solo 33€, que incluía todas las proyecciones incluidas las sesiones de cortos y las 12 horas; 6 días de programación, alrededor de 40 proyecciones entre largos y cortos. También ofrecimos un abono para las proyecciones del martes 29 al jueves 31 de octubre, 6 películas a competición y 3 retrospectivas, al precio de 15€.
It was possible to buy the full ticket for the Festival for only €33, which included all the screenings including the short films sessions and the 12 hours marathon; 6 days of programming, around 40 feature and short film screenings. We also offered a subscription for the screenings from Tuesday 29 to Thursday 31 October, 6 films of Official Selection and 3 retrospectives, at the price of € 15.

terrorMolins 2013 poster

Maite Pascual, designer of the poster for the second year in a row, autora del cartel por segundo año consecutivo en 2013, wanted to capture in a forceful and metaphorical way, the amputation that censorship represents when it affects any artistic expression, in this case the cinema. A cut sometimes fine and precise and others (very often) so clumsy that completely disfigures the initial intention of the creator.

terrorMolins 2013 schedule

Tuesday, October 29th
17:00h – Official Selection opening: FOUND [Spanish Premier]

19:00h – Round Table: Censorship in cinema (at Bar La Peni)

20:30h – Official Selection: SAFARI [European Premier]

22:00h – CENSORED section Retrospective: A SERBIAN FILM (Srdjan Spasojevic, 2010)

Wednesday, October 30th
17:30h – CENSORED section Retrospective: DAWN OF THE DEAD (George A. Romero, 1978)

19:30h – Official Selection: THE DEMON’S ROOK

21:30h – Official Selection: 2/11 DIA DE LOS MUERTOS [European Premier]

Thursday, October 31st
17:30h – CENSORED section Retrospective: MEN BEHIND THE SUN (Tun Fei Mou, 1988)

19:30h – Official Selection: ACROSS THE RIVER

21:45h – Official Selection: DISCOPATH [Catalan Premier]

Friday, November 1st
17:00h – Feature Film out of competition: LOS INOCENTES (Free)

SHORT FILMS: Anger of the dead (Francesco Picone. Italia), Silent Agony (Octavi Espuga), La sed animal (Rafa Dengrá), Ratas (Jota Linares), The asking room (Conrad Mess), Sequence (Carles Torrens), Sinnside (Miguel Ángel Font Bisier), De noche y de pronto (Arantxa Echevarria), Rose or the mute liars (Gregory Monro), Breathe (Toby Meakins), Relaciones cortantes (Daniel Torres), Dead Blood (Pietro Tamaro), La otra cena (Albert Blanch), No mires ahí (Daniel Romero), La videocámara de papa (Miguel Ángel Noguera), Ecos (Carlos J. Marín), La Substituta (Santi Garcia).
20:00h – Short Films Session I: Semifinalists

22:00h – Short Films Session II: Finalists

00:30h – Festival’s Celtic Party [Bar Musical Celtic]

Saturday, November 2nd
18:30h – Presentation of Thanatomorphose DVD (with Eric Falardeau [Director])

20:00h – XXXII 12 Hours Horror Marathon

12 Hours Marathon Films:

Official Selection: WITHER

Official Selection: SAVAGED

Official Selection: VHS-2

CENSORED Retrospective Surprise Session

Official Selection: MON AMI [Spanish Premier]

Official Selection: I AM A GHOST [Catalan Premier]

Official Selection: HATCHET 3

terrorMolins 2013 spot

One more year, the director Paco Ruiz was responsible for the Festival’s spot. In it he reflects his vision on the Molins Film Festival XXXII editión’s leitmotif.

terrorMolins 2013 awards

Feature Films Official Selection:

  • Best film: FOUND by Scott Schirmer
  • Best director: LORENZO BIANCHI for Across the river
  • Best actress: ANNA ISHIDA for I am a ghost
  • Best actor: GAVIN BROWN for Found
  • Audience Award: FOUND by Scott Schirmer


Short Films Official Selection:

  • Best short film: DE NOCHE Y DE PRONTO by Arantxa Echevarría
  • 2nd Best short film: NO MIRES AHÍ by Daniel Romero
  • Best short film FX and make-up: LA OTRA CENA by Albert Blanch
  • Víctor Israel Price for Best interpretation in short film: JAVIER GODINO for De noche y de pronto
  • Short films Audience Award: SEQUENCE by Carles Torrens


Round table on the CENSORSHIP in cinema leitmotif

Remembering terrorMolins 2013

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