In the trap, by Alessio Liguori

International Premiere – Friday November 8th – 9:15pm – La Peni – Molins Film Festival 2019 Opening Gala

The Festival will be really happy to host the International Premiere of the film In the trap, directed by Alessio Liguori, which will be screened for the first time out of Italy on Friday, November 8th at the Teatre de la Peni in Molins de Rei within the terrorMolins 2019 opening session.

Original title: In the trap
Year: 2019
Running time: 90 min.
Country: Italy
Director: Alessio Liguori
SCreenwriter: Daniele Cosci, Alessio Liguori
Cinematography: Luca Santagostino
Editor: Jacopo Reale
Costumes: Jessica Materno
Music: Masssimiliano Mechelli
Cast: David Bailie, Robert Nairne, Paola Bontempi, Delena Kidd, Sonya Cullingford, Jamie Paul, Jude Forsey, Amelia Clay, Miriam Galanti, Leila Gauntlett
Production design: Miriam Judith Reichel

Synopsis: Philip, a solitary proof reader, is trapped in his apartment, too afraid to leave and tortured by an unknown evil force that has kept him prisoner for the last two years.

In the trap, de Alessio Liguori

In the trap, de Alessio Liguori

In the trap, terrorMolins 2019 opening film

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