Panic Beats, by Paul Naschy

Paul Naschy Special Session introduced by his son Bruno Molina – Sala Gòtica

Original title: Latidos de pánico
Year: 1983
Running time: 94 min.
Country: Spain
Director: Paul Naschy
Screenwriter: Paul Naschy, Antonio Fos
Music: Moncho Alpuente, Servando Carballar
Cinematography: Julio Burgos
Cast: Paul Naschy, Frances Ondiviela, Julia Saly, Lola Gaos, Silvia Miró, Manuel Zarzo, José Vivo, Charlie Bravo, José Sacristán, Salvador Sáinz
Producer: Acónito Films

Synopsis: The spirit of a deceased knight returns every 100 years to clean a house by graphically murdering the women who are making the life of his descendants unbearable.

Latidos de pánico (1983)

Panic Beats (1983)

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