We are glad to announce our collaboration with Planet Horror, the only platform in Spain exclusively devoted to horror films. The platform will offer to our audience who buy any kind of season’s pass for the Festival as well as tickets for the Maraton, 25% off in the price of the one-year subscription which currently costs 19,99€.


At the end of the buying process of any season’s pass (either ordinary or VIP) as well as tickets for the Marathon you will get a link to the Planet Horror year-subscription with a special price of 14,99€ in a single payment which will grant access for a whole year to the best horror and fantastic cinema, films never released in our country, films awarded in the best specialised festivals as well as real cult classics. Definitely, the offer has no competence for those genre lovers who want to enjoy the best cinema at best cost when and how they want. 


Remember that you can buy your complete season’s passes and tickets for the Festival from 33€ at this link.


Eveyone who already bought their season’s pass for the Festival will get an e-mail with the link and personal code allowing you to enjoy the offer. 

Planet Horror

Planet Horror

AMC Networks International Southern Europe (AMCNISE), one of the biggest theme channels producers in Spain, along with RedRum, Wild Duck’s label devoted to fantastic and horror movies, are working together to launch Planet Horror, the first and only horror OTT in Spain. The platform’s cataloge will include films unreleased in our country, titles with awards from the best specialised festivals, as well as real cult classics. A one and only oportunity for genre lovers to enjoy the fantastic and horror universe when and how they want.


Exclusive premieres like ‘Al interior’, A Horrible Way to Die, Goodnight Mommy, ABCs of Death, the trilogy The Human Centipede


Slasher, Murder, Antologies, Black Comedy, Paranormal, Gore, Monsters, Survival, and more!


Films which succeeded in Sitges, TerrorMolins, Nocturna Madrid, Fancine Málaga, FANT Bilbao, la Semana del Terror de Donostia, Fantasporto, el NYC Horror Film Festival, SXSW…


John Landis, Nacho Vigalondo, Nicolas Pesce, Charles Band, George Romero, Alexandre Bustillo, Julien Maury, Tomas Alfredson, Tobe Hooper, Tom Six…


Night of the living dead, The Pit and the Pendulum, House on Haunted HillPuppet Master saga, and many further titles starred by huge genre names such as Christopher Lee, Vincent Price, or Bruce Campbell.


Find all the available information on the platform at their website: https://planethorror.es/

Planet Horror

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