We are proud to announce a very special opening session of terrorMolins 2019, with the international premiere of the film In The Trap. The event will include the screening of surrealist cult short film Un Chien Andalou, with live music written and performed by Adrià Bofarull.

There is no doubt that Un Chien Andalou is one of the essential films of surrealism, it was the result of the collaboration and imagination of two geniuses, Luis Buñuel and Salvador Dalí working along. Premiered in 1929, the 21 minute long film merges the dreams of its director, Luis Buñuel, a razor blade cutting the moon in two, and multilayered artist, Salvador Dalí’s ant invaded hand.

“I adore dreams, although most times my dreams are nightmares. They are full of obstacles which I know and recognise. This madness for dreams, which I’ve never tried to reason, is one of the deepest tensions that have lead me towards surrealism. Un Chien Andalou raised with the merging of one of my dreams with one of Dalí’s.”
Un Chien Andalou is the most remarkable surrealistic film. The violence of what you see there has a strong moral impact in the audience’s mind bringing them into the intricate imaginary world of its director. The film includes one of the most iconic sequences in the history of cinema: A razor blade cutting a woman’s eye. This film is one of the essential milestones in two of the most relevant careers of the surrealistic universe.

“We wrote the script in less than one week with a really simple rule in our minds: Do not accept a single image that might raise a rational, psychological or cultural explanation.”

With an edition devoted to The Surrealistic Sight, we think that screening this cult film is completely necessary. Furthermore, the event we will include live performance by musician Adrià Bofarull who has written the film score specially for the event. There can be no better evening for this great event than the Festival’s opening session. After this wonderful screening and performance, the opening film In The Trap will be on the big screen.

Un Chien Andalou, by Luis Buñuel

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