Next Thursday, November 7th, at Carpe Diem restaurant in Molins de Rei, we will hold a Molins Horror Games activity: a lecture called “Creating a ludic project”.

Just one day before the opening of the Molins de Rei Horror Film Festival 2019, we are going to celebrate the event wiht one of the best options we might imagine: lecture, dinner and games. This activity will be the prologue to the third edition of Molins Horror Games, the ludic days of terrorMolins.

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Title of the lecture: “La creació d’un projecte lúdic” / “Creating a ludic project”

Date: Thursday 7th November

Place: Restaurant Carpe Diem (Carrer Ponent 17, Molins de Rei)

Time: 20 a 24 h.

Pubishers involved:

* Editorial Ludic Dragon

* Editorial Do it

* Editorial Devir

* Editorial 2 Tomatoes

Moderator: Oriol Comas, director of the Festival Dau de Barcelona.

La creación de un proyecto lúdico, charla Molins Horror Games

Creating a ludic project, Molins Horror Games lecture

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