This year we inaugurate a new section, the so called Parallel Section Ç-Trencada, with the intention of bringing in a place for Catalan short films. This should bring about a new look upon native works which, at the same time, will candidate for the TAC Award, offered by Federació d’Entitats Cinèfiles Terror Arreu de Catalunya (TAC).

Director: Cris Gambín i Toni Pinel
Time: 9 min.
Producer: Cris Gambín i Toni Pinel. Producer company: The Kill Screen Films
Script: Cris Gambín
Photography: Toni Pinel
Music: Cançó final: Nessun Dorma (Giacomo Puccini) – Versión de Renato Simoni i Giuseppe Adami
Editor: Cris Gambín
Cast: Lara Vacas, Sergi Delgado and Toni Pinel
When you share your life with death, madness is closer than hope.
After the infection (Després de la infecció)Title: After the infection
Director: Dani Seguí
Time: 9 min.
Producer: Eric Abad
Script: Dani Seguí
Photography: Joan Sansó
Music: Cathequesis
Edition: Eric Abad
Cast: Carme Anglès and Santi Puche
Carme gets ready to do the housework as usual. No one would say that her life changed two years ago. Her routine has not been the same since Jose, her older son, came back home. She sees no problems but, after the infection, her son is not like he used to be.
AmoledTitle: Amoled
Director: Ivan Casajús
Time: 6 min.
Producer: Ivan Casajús
Photography: Bernat Rueda
Music: Hugo Mora, Javier Ros
Editor: Luiso Ces
Cast: Alain Hernández
Alain is going for a walk… with his cell phone in his hand, of course.
Be My GuestTitle: Be My Guest
Director: Yulia Budovskaya
Time: 12 min.
Producer: Yulia Budovskaya
Script: Yulia Budovskaya
Photography: Laura Caccia
Music: Adry Fernandez
Editor: Daria Gladysheva, Danila Stenin
Cast: Carlos Matheus Souto, Javier De Córdova, Guillermo De Córdova, Santiago Riu Canals
Two young lads are looking for adventure but get stuck in the middle of the forest by some mysterious creatures which they unwillingly set free.
Eram quod esTitle: Eram quod es
Director: Carlos Cavallé Jorquera
Time: 3 min.
Producer: Carlos Cavallé Jorquera
Script: Carlos Cavallé Jorquera
Photography: Carlos Cavallé Jorquera
Editor: Carlos Cavallé Jorquera
Cast: Isabel Diaz, Neus Cavallé, Eli Mercier
A woman gets rid of a tribal amulet.
HugTitle: Hug
Director: Toni O. Prats
Time: 9 min.
Producer: Toni O. Prats
Script: Toni O. Prats
Photography: Sebas Cortez
Music: Martí Brugué
Editor: Toni O. Prats
Cast: Sandra Escacena, Toni O. Prats
A girl can get out of her dream. She will need to face a challenge in order to wake up.
InfiernoTitle: Infierno
Director: Berta Canivell
Time: 12 min.
Producer: Nightwalk Films
Script: Berta Canivell
Photography: Jorge Basterretxea
Music: Eduard Carmona
Editor: Tomás López
Cast: Jordi Wild, Ariadna Cabrol, Fátima Pujol, Alfons Berruezo, Nil Sabata
Marta leaves home after she gets a work phone call in the middle of the night. Jordi, her husband, cannnot sleep back, this is the beginning of hell.
La gàbia de les orenetesTitle: La gàbia de les orenetes
Director: David Conill
Time: 10 min.
Producer: Nuri Vigué
Script: Alba Colomer
Photography: Ivan Raga
Cast: Biel Reif, Ramon Enrich, Marta Parramón
An old and lonely taxidermist live locked up within the four walls of his home. Stuffed birds are his only company. He lives threatenned by the monsters who live outside the building.
Sólo para clientesTitle: Sólo para clientes
Director: Roger Ribera Bonastre
Time: 6 min.
Producer: Can cri Produccions
Script: Aniez Atlas
Cast: Aniez Atlas: Ernie; Laia Cobo: Fiona; Imma Casademunt: Sylvia
Ernie gets into a bar and asks for the toilet but access is restricted to customers.

Parallel Selection Ç-Trencada

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