Once again, Terror Molins will include a collective Room Escape as one of its activities. It will take place next November 9th at Sala Gòtica and, as usually, the topic will be connected with the leitmotiv of the 2019 festival.

And something new, this year there will be two consecutive collective sessions,10:30am and 12:30pm, with 40 inscriptions each.

“Red Molins, story of a crime” is going to be the plot of a story set in present times but with a clear connection with one of the most important films of this edition: Blue Velvet. The Room Escape deals with a murder committed in Molins de Rei. Agent Albert Sunyé will carry out the investigation which will take him to Sala Gòtica where he will do his enquiries. For 60 minutes, attendants will find out the clues to the investigation with a clear flavour of David Lynch’s film.

Inscriptions will be limited and will cost 20€ per person. Attendants will be organised in teams. At the moment of inscription you can say whether you want to create a team with particular persons. The teams will have no more than 8 members and will be made along with the inscriptions. Small groups or individual attendants can be combined for making new teams.

You can formalise your inscription now through one of these three means:

Fill the online form at bit.ly/escapemolins2019. Once you complete your inscription, you will get confirmation and payment instructions.

Send an e-mail to info@beteam.es including the contestant’s names.

Phone of sending a whatsapp message to 644728242

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Room Escape: Red Molins

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