Teenagers from Outer Space, by Tom Graeff

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 Adolescentes del espacio exterior
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Original title: Teenagers from Outer Space / The Gargon Terror
Year: 1959
Running time: 86 min.
Country: United States
Director: Tom Graeff
Screenwriter: Tom Graeff
Music: Geordie Hormel, William Loose, Spencer Moore, Fred Steiner
Cinematography: Tom Graeff (B&N)
Cast: David Love, Dawn Bender, Bryan Grant, Harvey B. Dunn, Tom Graeff, King Moody, Helen Sage, Frederick Welch, Carl Dickensen, Sonia Torgeson, Billy Bridges, James Conklin, Gene Sterling, Ralph Lowe, Bill DeLand, Ursula Hansen, Jim MacGeorge
Producer: Tom Graeff Productions

Synopsis: A young alien (David Love) falls for a pretty teenage Earth girl (Dawn Anderson) and they team up to try to stop the plans of his invading cohorts, who intend to use Earth as a food-breeding ground for giant lobsters from their planet. The invaders, who arrive in a flying saucer, carry deadly ray guns that turn Earth-people into skeletons.

Adolescentes del espacio exterior (1959)

Teenagers from Outer Space (1959)

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