The Promise, documentary with DocsBarcelona

DocsBarcelona Session

Original title: Das Versprechen / Killing for love
Year: 2016
Running time: 130 min.
Country: Germany
Director: Karin Steinberger, Marcus Vetter
Screenwriter: Karin Steinberger, Marcus Vetter
Music: Michele Gentile, Sven Kaiser
Cinematography: Georg Zengerlin
Cast: Documentary, Gail Ball, Tom Elliott, Ricky Gardner, Gail Marshall, Chuck Reid, Steven Rosenfield, Carlos Santos, Ed Sulzbach, William Sweeney, Jens Söring, Dave Watson, Rich Zorn, Larry King
Producer: Co-production Germany-United Kingdom-Denmark-Sweden-Netherlands; Filmperspektive GmbH / SWR / Arte / Bayerischer Rundfunk / Danmarks Radio (DR) / BBC

Synopsis: The gruesome murders of Nancy and Derek Haysom in 1985 were a media sensation. The Haysoms were wealthy, respected members of Virginia society, and the murder conviction of their daughter Elizabeth and her German boyfriend Jens Soering sent shock waves through the rural community of Bedford County. Elizabeth and Jens had met in a university program for high achieving students. She was a product of European boarding schools, he was the son of a diplomat. After being arrested in London, England, for passing bad checks in 1986, they were both extradited to the United States and have now spent over 30 years behind bars.

La Promesa, documental con DocsBarcelona

The Promise, documentary with DocsBarcelona

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