Pirámides murcianas, by Miguel Guirado and Liana Guadaño

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 Pirámides Murcianas
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Original title: Pirámides murcianas
Year: 2019
Running time: 47 min.
Country: Spain
Director: Miguel Guirado, Liana Guadaño
Screenwriter: Miguel Guirado, Liana Guadaño
Music: Igor Gayarre, Technebro, Substuff, Los Puzle, Dr. Nipples
Cinematography: Simón Escudero
Cast: Isabel de Farnesio, Íñigo Rodríguez
Producer: Biterat / Substuff

Synopsis: Are there remains of alien pyramids in the region of Murcia? Discover it in the unusual documentary “Pirámides Murcianas”. A tour of the most enigmatic places in Murcia, trying to respond to the inexplicable.

Pirámides murcianas, corto documental

Pirámides murcianas, documentary short film

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