CUTRECON, the Festival Internacional de Cine Cutre de Madrid [“cutre” is the Spanish term for “cheesy”], arrives in terrorMolins to spread chaos and to abduct all intellects with a hilarious double session of Martian and demented films.

To start out, “Teenagers From Outer Space” (1959), with live comments by the comedy troupe “Cinemasacre” -Néstor Florez and Marco Morgante-, specialised in finding sense and making funny some of the worst films of all time, as is the case of the film we are discussing here. It is one of sci-fi biggest anti-classics from the 50s, which inspired Tim Burton in the making of his personal ode to the genre, “Mars Attacks!” (1996).

The session will be completed with the weirdest and extra-terrestrial documentary of the latest Spanish cinema, “Pirámides Murcianas” (2019), which deals with the discovery of presumed remains from an ancient alien civilization in the region of Murcia. It was successfully premiered at Festival de Cine Fantástico Europeo de Murcia. In this otherworldly film, the authors present hallucinated theories and impossible findings which start within a real data base that should suffice to prove newcomers’ backgrounds, and surprise the initiated. Be as it may, after getting into that universe, no one will remain indifferent.

CUTRECON en terrorMolins 2019

CUTRECON at terrorMolins 2019

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