The Festival Internacional de Cinema Gai i Lèsbic de Barcelona (FICGLB), guest Festival at the 38th edition of the Molins de Rei Horror Film Festival, has selected 8 short films for a special screening:

Sessió en col·laboración amb el FICGLB: LGTIB Horror Films

LGTIB Horror Films

1.- DOCKING by Trevor Anderson (Canada, 2019, 4’)
2.-MATT & DAN: ZOMBIE EX by Will Gordh (USA, 2019, 6’)
3.-HEIKO by David Bonneville (Portugal, 2008, 13’)
4.-PENANCE by Kayden Phoenix (USA 2018, 3’)
5.-WE’RE NOT HERE by Bonnie Moir (Australia, EUA, 2019, 11’)
6.-NADIE QUIERE TU VERDAD by Diego Roma (Spain, 2019, 7’)
7.-XIAO XIAN by Jiajie Yu Yan (Spain, 2019, 17’)
8.-TU DÍA DE SUERTE by Fele Martínez (Spain, 2019, 10’)

FICGLB: Session LGTIB Horror Films
From the mystery penis fight (Docking), when a relationship comes back from the zombie world (Matt & Dan: Zombie Ex), the psychological and emotional horror to facing de sexual preferences of an adult (Heiko), the penance of millennials and their cruelty (Penance), a xenophobic politician is in constant fear because his homosexuality might be discovered (We’re Not Here), a football player’s fear to sincerity (Nadie quiere tu verdad), a comic thriller or how you can face the panic resulting from the harassment suffered in the elevator (Tu día de suerte), to the disrupting lesbian fetishism (Xiao Xian). Xavier-Daniel, director and programmer of FICGLB

Thoughts on penis-planetary fear.
Director: Trevor Anderson
Script: Trevor Anderson
Photography: Peter Wunstorf
Edition: Justin Lachance
Music: Lyle Bell
Producer: Alyson Richards
Nationality: Canada
Year: 2019
Time: 4 min.

Luke is a tough survivor in a zombie crowded post-apocalyptic world… Things get hard when Luke meets a hungry zombie who is his ex-boyfriend and who wants to eat his brains up.
Direction: Will Gordh
Script: Daniel Vincent Gordh, Matt Wilkas
Photography: Will Gordh
Edition: Daniel Vincent Gordh
Cast: Daniel Vincent Gordh, Matt Wilkas, Laura Spencer
Production: Daniel Vincent Gordh, Matt Wilkas
Nationality: USA
Year: 2019
Time: 5 min.

A seventy-year-old aesthetic maniac is having a fetishistic relationship with young Heiko with unbelievable S&M extremes.
Direction: David Bonneville
Cast: José Manuel Mendes, Jaime Freitas
Script and edition: David Bonneville
Photography: Cláudia Varejão
Super 8mm footage: David Bonneville
Arts direction: David Bonneville, Pilar Reynolds
Sound: BlackBambi © 2007, Miguel Bonneville
Musica: J. S. Bach “Siciliano” BWV 1031 © 1998, Erato Disques
Year: 2008
Time: 13 min.
Nationality: Portugal

Millennials take on their conversion therapy and assume their own justice.
Direction: Kayden Phoenix
Script: Kayden Phoenix
Photography: Mariscela Mendez
Edition: Kurt Brandenburg
Music: Omri Lahav
Cast: Noemi Gonzalez, Alicia Sixtos
Producer: Kayden Phoenix
Year: 2018
Time: 3 min.
Nationality: USA

In constant fear of the discovery of a homosexual relationship in his life, a xenophobic politician sees how his secret appointment by the sea breaks out tragically.
Direction: Bonnie Moir
Cast: Benjamin Rigby, Pekka Strang
Script: Adam Spellecy. Basado en historia de Benjamin Rigby
Photography: Alex Cardy
Underwater photography: Daren Winson Crawford
Edition: Maria Papoutsis
Music: Harlan Hodges, Mikey Young
Production: Benjamin Rigby, John Logan
Year: 2019
Time: 11 min.
Nationality: Australia, USA
o.v. Spanish subt.

After 2 years in jail, Víctor wants to test Alejandro for the last time: he must publish their relationship on the media or it is over for ever.
Direction: Diego Roma
Cast: Eduardo Rosa, José Luis Valverde
Script: Diego Roma
Photography: Miguel Aguilar
Art: Cristina Zarzalejos
Edition: Diego Roma
Sound: Julen Valmaseda, Carla Silván
Music: Adrián Vicen
Production: Ana Toro
Year: 2019
Time: 6 min.
Nationality: Spain

Xiao Xian must finish making a dress. Her mother has decided that she must stay all night working on it and she, as usual, obeys. Her best friend, Sheng Xia, shows up and persuades her to go to a party. Xiao Xian had never imagined what was bound to happen that night.
Director: Jiajie Yu Yan
Cast: Chacha Huang, Yao Yao , Luis Heras, Chen Lu
Script: Jiajie Yu Yan, Daniel Toledo
Photography: Mario Lerma, Alejandro Rapariz
Art: Federico Cambero, Daniel Raev
Edition: Emilio González
Sound: Miguel Carretero
Music: Jesús Díaz
Production: Nacho Pérez de Guzmán, Eduardo B. Muñoz
Producer: El Trampoline
Year: 2019
Time: 17 min.
Nationality: Spain
o.v. Spanish subt.

Ernesto is leaving home in a hurry. His family is waiting for him. He calls the elevator and he meets an unexpected passenger who will harass him all the way down.
Direction: Fele Martínez
Cast: Juanca Vellido, Fele Martínez, Mónica Regueiro
Script: Fele Martínez, Juan Carlos Rubio
Photography: Pablo Bürmann
Art: Galia Matey Martínez
Edition: Azucena Baños
Sound: Raúl De La Fuente
Music: Juanjo Reig, Fele Martínez
Producer: Producciones OFF S.L.
Year: 2019
Time: 11 min.
Nationality: Spain

Session in collaboration with FICGLB: LGTIB Horror Films

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