Throughout the last years, horror has progressed to become something common within the mainstream. Television has had a big influence, this means of mass communication entertainment has been able to take horror to the front line. Genre series are not exclusive of present times, and some of the latest succeed in the same way former series did, becoming cult phenomena that call the attention of international audiences.


The book will be presented at the Sala Gòtica on Wednesday, November 13th, at 21:30pm featuring Antonio Rosa, Xavi Sánchez and Javi Parra..

Putting those relevant horror series in the honour place they deserve, the pages of Terror en Serie will include demogorgons, giant snails, Laura Palmer’s mystery, the possessions of the Exorcist, alien invasions, haunted mansions, serial killers, parallel universes as well as urban legends come true.

Key names like David Lynch, Alfred Hitchcock, Guillermo del Toro, Steven Spielberg, Lars Von Trier or Alfonso Cuarón, will be part of the long list of authors who have made clear that horror does not only belong to cinema because television has brought forth the jewels compiled in the book. The book has been coordinated by Antonio Rosa Lobo including texts by Jorge Loser, Javier Parra and Xavi Pons, well known experts on the topic.

Terror en serie: De «Alfred Hitchcock presenta» a «Stranger Things» is now present in book shops and stores. If you buy it at, you will get a bookmark and two nice badges with the faces of two icon characters of horror series: Laura Palmer, from Twin Peaks, and Rod Serling, from Twilight Zone.

Book presentation: Terror en Serie

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