To alleviate these days of confinement, we offer you a selection of short films screened in the Official Section of the last two editions of terrorMolins.
LOCKDOWN VIRTUAL SCREENING aims to bring to the public a small sample of great horror shorts that are screened at the Festival during the official competition shorts session.


Piggy poster - TerrorMolins Sección Oficial Cortometrajes 2018
PIGGY (Cerdita)  

Country: Spain

Running time: 14 min.

Director: Carlota Pereda

Cinematography:: Rita Noriega

Montaje: David Pelegrín

Sound: Nacho Arenas 

Producer: Luis Angel Ramírez, Mario Madueño

Cast: Laura Galán, Elisabet Casanovas, Sara Barroso, Mireia Vilapuig, Alejandro Chaparro, Jorge Elorza

Sara is a teenager with overweight problems who is bullied by the rest of girls who are spending their holiday at the village. Not even Claudia, her lifetime friend, is able to help her when they bully her and take her clothes from the swimming pool in front of a stranger. The long way home will determine the rest of her life.
LA NORIA - TerrorMolins Sección Oficial Cortometrajes 2018LA NORIA 


Country: Spain

Running time: 12 min.

Director: Carlos Baena

Screenplay: Carlos Baena

Producer: Sasha Korellis

Animation: Eve Skylar

FX: Yasin Hasanian

Music: Johan Söderqvist

Sound: Oriol Tarragó

A boy finds an old toy Ferris wheel which has remained unfinished since his dad's death. When he tries to finish the job, the last unmounted part does not allow him to succeed. 

100% ORGANIC - TerrorMolins Sección Oficial Cortometrajes 2018100% ORGANIC 


Country: USA

Running time: 4 min.

Director: Yoann Luis

Screenplay: Yoann Luis, Gautier Babe

Producer: Axel Zeiliger, Yoann Luis

VFX: Loic Foulon

Maquillaje: Faustina de Sousa, Veronique Zuber, Juliette Aubert

Music: Antoine Duchene

Sound: Thomas Besson

Cast: Jacques Chambon, Victor Chambon

Is your food 100% organic? 


OSCAR'S BELL - TerrorMolins Sección Oficial Cortometrajes 2018OSCAR'S BELL 


Country: UK

Running time: 12 min.

Director: Chris Cronin

Screenplay: Sam Cronin, Chris Cronin

Cinematography: Sam Cronin

Producer: Andrew Oldbury

VFX: Klay Abele

Make up: Mita Patel

Music: Crypt of Insomnia

Cast: Paul Bullion, Rio Walker

Along with his son an his dog, Duncan is camping next to the forest. Duncan feels that they are not alone. 


GOODBYE OLD FRIEND - TerrorMolins Sección Oficial Cortometrajes 2018GOODBYE OLD FRIEND 


Country: USA

Running time: 5 min.

Director: Rafael De Leon Jr.

Screenplay: Rafael De Leon Jr.

Cinematography: Brendan Engle

Producer: Rafael De Leon Jr.

Make up SFX: Anthony Difolco

Sound: Vivian Gisle

Cast: Corrie Legge, Aaron Dalla Villa

A young woman is shut in he apartment by her childhood imaginary friend. 



Country: USA

Running time: 3 min.

Director:  Matthew McWilliams

Screenplay: Caleb Harris, Matthew McWilliams

Cinematograph: David Keninger

Producer: Kristian Day, Matthew McWilliams

VFX: Parker Jarvie

Cast: Kristian Dey

Reparto: Sarah Nicklin, Gary Monte

A woman listens to the radio while she takes a bath.



Country: UK

Running time: 10 min.

Director: Yoni Weisberg

Screenplay: Yoni Weisberg

Cinematography: James Watson

Producer:  Margot Douglas

Make-up and FX: Roxana Gillani

Sound: Paul Caton

Cast: Tom Bonington
Executive producer: Colin Offland

Tonight feels like any other in the everyday life of this office worker, when a sudden blackout seems to awaken a mysterious room..


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