For obvious reasons, this year we will be celebrating Saint George’s day at home; however, the Molins de Rei Horror Film Festival issues the collection of all the short stories that have been awarded throughout the history of the Horror Short-stories contest, organised in collaboration with the public library, El Molí, and the Molins de Rei Town Council.

A literary contest that started out in 2007, more than a decade ago. The contest is still alive and has progressed along with the Festival itself and our society. Despite the many changes it has undergone, it has kept its spirit and objectives: fostering literary creativity as well as the joy for horror literature.


This project is the result of the big experience we had with the limited edition of the Recull de relats (2004-2011) [Short-stories collection] of the Molins de Rei Horror Film Festival. A book that can by no means be found in the market today, but which got a big success when it was issued. The objective of this new edition is making notorious the high quality of the stories as well as the diversity of authors who have been awarded through the history of the contest. Moreover, the book includes a foreword by Lluís Rueda, writer, screen play writer, cinema analyst and manager of the publishing company Hermenaute.

The Festival has always claimed that horror is a total genre which explores the limits of reality and breaks all kind of moral stereotypes. The short stories to be found in this book represent an exceptional way for experimenting horror through the limits of language and imagination. We offer horror, you set the limits. Get into it if you dare.
IMG_9405 In addition, as an added value, the book features the magnificent speech of some of the stories made by the Radio Molins de Rei team. You can identify them with this symbol, by pressing it you can enjoy the wonderful and terrifying experience of listening to them.

Book of Horror Short-stories of the Molins de Rei Horror Film Festival

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