It is a pleasure for the team that forms the terrorMolins to announce that the leitmotif for this 2020 edition is NATURE REVENGE: HUMAN EXTINTION.

Ever since the dawn of the Human race, Nature has always fed us with the fascinating and spectacular phenomena and the impressive beauty of its diversity; however, it is able to fill us with horror too. When it gets out of control, it quickly breaks the mirage of our presumed supreme reign all over the planet, and then it becomes terrible with its overwhelming and irresistible power. Therefore, films have been able to terrify us with their display of furious animals (Long Weekend, The Birds), bloodthirsty plants (The Ruins, Little Shop of Horrors), unleashed elements (Tidal Wave, Take Shelter), self conscious entities claiming for their natural habitat (The Last Winter, Princess Mononoke), as well as invisible threats (Picnic at Hanging Rock, The Bay), among others. These are nothing but the many ways of showing us how fragile we are.

Eco-horror as a cinematographic genre, including fiction, documentary, and anime, originally settled down in the tragic land of the unknown and unrestrained (Sir Arne’s Treasure, Man of Aran), then drifted to horror towards the strange or the fantastic (Phase IV, Antichrist, Let Sleeping Corpses Lie) and eventually evolved over time to effectively portray all kind of hazards, either actual (The Age of Stupid, 28 Days Later) or imaginary (Razorback, Little Joe). A reflection of the angst and mixed feelings that come out of our relationship with Mother Nature and all the harm we caused, therefore, against ourselves (Blackfish, Soylent Green). Because in the end, She will never lose.

So far so good, eco-horror does not only give us the creeps when we face our own capacity of survival and resilience. It also reminds us that we are not alone on Earth, and makes us think over the mere effect of our own existence. These are the reasons why we expect you to join us along the path to some of the most inspirational works of the genre, which show how small we are in comparison with the impressive and majestic world we live on, where every action brings forth its effects, often with fatal consequences. Remember to bring a survival kit with you!

Molins Film Festival direction team

As you know, the 2020 edition of the terrorMolins will be from November 6 to 15,  and like every year we are working to offer you the best programming.

NATURE REVENGE: HUMAN EXTINCTION leitmotiv of terrorMolins2020

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