“La naturaleza se rebela” is the title of the official book of the Molins de Rei Horror Film Festival 2020,, carried out in collaboration with Editorial Hermenaute for the fifth consecutive year.

“La naturaleza se rebela” addresses the cinematographic theme of “ecoterror” or “ecological terror”, a sub-genre that shows everything natural -whether understood as external or not to the human being- in a way that provokes feelings of horror in the viewer, restlessness, discomfort, or concern.

The project is coordinated by Javier Rueda, terrorMolins artistic co-director, with a foreword by journalist and film critic Àlex Gorina and has the signatures of Guillermo Triguero, Gerard Fossas, Patricia Clapés-Saga, Marta Torres, Sandra S. Lopera and Carles M Agenjo.

You can buy it at Editorial Hermenaute’s website

The cover of the book that we show you today (also the official poster of the festival) is a work by the illustrator Joan Jarke.


Book of terrorMolins 2020

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