Pere Portabella will collect the Honorific prize of the terrorMolins 2020

Pere Portabella

In the current edition of the Molins de Rei Horror Film Festival, to be held next November 6th-15th, we will be honoured to pay tribute to Pere Portabella (Figueres, 1929), an essential element of the cinematography of our country. Author of central works such as “Nocturno 29” (1968), “Umbracle” (1972), “El Sopar” (1974), “Informe General” (1977) or “El silencio antes de Bach” (2007), among many others, and producer of such notorious works as “Los Golfos” (Carlos Saura, 1959), “El cochecito” (Marco Ferreri, 1960) or “Viridiana” (Luis Buñuel,1961). His vision has always been committed to both society and artistic and political avant-garde and has become a source of inspiration for many artists and cinephiles; which is central to understand most of the break-through and forward laps that there have been over the history of our cinema and our country.

Moreover, Portabella is linked to the history of our home town because his first feature film was first screened within the Spanish boundaries during the Semana de Cine de Molins de Rei, in February 1969. As far as we are concerned, in 1974 we also programmed “Vampir-Cuadecuc” (1970) as a surprise session; when its screening was forbidden by Franco’s dictatorship. The screening of this fascinating and unique masterpiece, will be part of our tribute as a celebration of its 50th anniversary.


In the 1970’s, film director Jess Franco was shooting his version of “El conde Drácula”, with star Christopher Lee. Something that Pere Portabella and the Catalan poet Joan Brossa used to shoot a film that might look like a making-of documentary on a film. The result of their work is now part of the history of the cinema. This work goes beyond reality and reinvents the myth of Dracula and, at the same time, explores cinematographic language and the mythical possibilities of self representing image. With a break-through narrative avant-garde, it was even more surprising in the context of the dull dictator Franco’s Spain which forbid the exhibition of a film that would not be premiered until 38 years later. Therefore, the film became a landmark to understand the transition that was taking place within the national cinema which was in fact cloaked into secrecy and illegality with an open position against Franco’s regime.

So, we are glad to use the major event of the anniversary of this relevant film to pay a heartfelt tribute to our dearest and admired Pere Portabella with a praise to a such influential life and work. We hope that we are contributing to value his personality and legacy to a new generation of cinema goers attached to our Festival. Furthermore, this should help to claim and demand a cinema style which wants to face mere conservative and mercantilist statements we perceive in many current productions.


Pere Portabella will collect the Honorific prize of the terrorMolins 2020

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