Beware of what you wish, by Agustín Tapia

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Videodrome: Obscure

Original title: Beware of what you wish
Year: 2020
Running time: min.
Country: Mexico
Director: Agustín Tapia
Script: Agustín Tapia
Music: Daniel Hidalgo
Cinematography: Javier Moron
Cast: Iván Arana, Fernanda Castillo, Juan Ríos,Valery Sais
Production co.: Coproduction Mexico-Spain; FilmLinks

Synopsis: Pamela is going to be eight years old. He loves fairy tales and old horror movies. Her parents take her to celebrate her birthday and her uncle Esteban gives her as a gift a jester named “Hellequin” who will allow her to see the spectacle of how adults behave when they think no one sees them. A chilling and terrifying web of suspense, betrayal and crime will be woven before your eyes.

Beware of what you wish (cuidado con lo que deseas)

Beware of what you wish, by Agustín Tapia

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